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My worst day as a as a sports fan. Remember my birthday in nineteen seventy three. Ucla eighty eight game. Winning streak came to a halt at notre dame. They went on an eleven overrun. I think at the end to be bill walton. That was like the worst. Why was that so bad for you. We i guess you're such a ucla fan and it was on tape delay so they were up like eight or nine ten with like three to go without a shot clock. Ucla's never losing this game. And i knew they lost before. But i didn't believe it when i when i was watching it on replay. I thought had misheard it and then it ruined. My birth was like my twelfth birthday. You know it was a bad day. Well what did you love about ucla. So much jeff like what what spoke to you about that. We won every game. That's what type jumped on the bandwagon. California i was in northern california at the time growing up i jumped on the bandwagon with ucla. So that's it was very simple and you only men are back then. There was no tv on like local teams. So only games we got was ucla was dick calling the game. Of course it was. I mean it was amazing here in southern california dick emberg and and And obviously vin scully and you know just some of the legendary voices you know calling games. here in southern california Did you ever come across with john. paths with john wooden. Jeff jenner. Meet him you know. I was coaching. I never met him. But i was coaching. The in the play offs and walton was doing one of our games and somehow it came up. I was a ucla fan and so he called. And this was Post ewing so we were playing Spree well in houston where a best players and so we were posting them up a lot. Soap anyway Bill this was right before the game like an hour and a half before the game calls coach wooden up. I get on the phone with them. I'm like fawning about like you know him and he goes. You know what i. I'd rather see though i'd rather houston and spree. Well face the basket more instead of Play with their back to the basket. I went in and said hey guys you know like coach wooden said he'd like you guys to play with your face up a little bit more tonight so we can win this game so i'll only time ever got a chance to talk to him. Well gee so did you. In a game. That night did they. Face up more based.

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