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This is the parents of this entire dynasty. Remember even on the peepers versus OJ. Godfather no kidding wow and then the whole khloe thing for you heard. Rumors of that is that they say. OJ's chloe's always dad really. Yeah never heard that. I haven't heard that either. Yeah I actually think so because you know OJ. Chris we're getting down. Yeah I like in the People Saloojee when one point the kids are watching. TV and courtesy goes eight kids watch TV. It's not a way to make a living the TV's not the only at the funeral or like. Oh you know Courtney Chloe of course you know twenty percent of that show is based on the Kardashians. Looks who is Robert Kardashian explained was was he was the lawyer but like Kinda like municipal lawyer like you got a traffic ticket or something for a family friend right and he did like investments for people are like closings on houses. Is You know something minor. He was his best friend and they brought him on as a lawyer so he couldn't talk. You know you know to preserve privacy. Oh Oh I see so. They couldn't interview. And then there's another thing could use them as a character witness correct all really interesting and then there's a video when OJ got home. He had a a Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton bag and and Kardashian took it and like got rid of it and they say the murder clothes were in in their he took the again. This is pre nine eleven. So it's possible that he took the murder weapon and the close to Chicago then came back then some say he got rid of him at the airport. Somebody saw him like one of the little garbage cans. Put it in there. You know everyone's seeing you know elves in the sky. Yeah there's a guy said he. He was doing a Stakeout for another. He was a private investigator sitting outside Bundy and he saw Jason and OJ leaving and he's just saying like like three years ago but people just make stuff to be heard yet. Some say that I Glenn Roberts did it you know. WHO's Glenn Roberts? He was a he was a Serial killers called the cazenove killer. killed like seventy five people. He went on record. Yeah I killed her and few months before that they He was doing like like painting work at her house. They say like Oj. paid him to do it. So that's another theory. It's another series. Some people believe that Vassar making a movie now. Then there's a The previews on Youtube. It's called the murder of Nicole or something like that and the movie is based on that theory. This is also interesting. The girl that plays Nicole is what what is her name. It's the girl that she was in American Pie and Lacrosse Guy House. Reicher was his girlfriend on the Adak talking about her documentary name. I can see her. Yeah Yeah Yeah Okay so we still talk about Judge Ito the judge in the OJ. Gee Murder Case became very famous around that timeframe but before we do I know that living with chronic pain is the worst that can affect your entire life and I know that a lot of you've experienced that at some point point so maybe maybe you still are. Nothing seems.

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