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And it was gosh, it was a really difficult time I mean we went we were successful in our forth our forth try. But it's it really challenges you as a couple. Yeah really challenges challenges us a couple of we actually broke up. For a period of time, it must be a surprise, the strain puts. Hundred so normal strain and we we did in the we tried to in this country three times we went to America. And under the and actually the the. The. The attitude was so different. I really was something we really noticed it was very process driven hair and very sort of You know. Quite, quite difficult in having to do. You have to count slaying and all. But when we did it in America, it was just such a positive. You have such a different way of doing things sometimes, which suited suited. Our personalities are suppose in the sense that will certainly suited mine because it was more when than if in America that's how they were okay and So suits the idea of American cakes they've just be like, okay we're GonNa make this other they just they do have that positive. Yeah positive. funny enough just changing subjects I remember that being the case when I started business. I, remember going to a conference in America and they were so everybody celebrating each other success whereas I think at that time. You know we were. We people that successful sometimes find it difficult to talk about it. You know But they have just a tight different way of doing things and a pull out agriculture has changed. You know we see things like Jenkins. You know other the apprentice yeah. You know there's a bit more of a difficult culture here, but I would still like to see more celebration of women in Business and women realizing they don't have to be. aggressive to be, successful. Massively significant point actually that we're not trying to emulate anyone else that's gone before it's all about bringing rain strengths to the table..

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