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York for member station w s h u charles lane reports winning the triple count is hard thirteen horses have done it and justify became a sensation because of his impressive size his calm and dominating presence and his ability to overcome inexperience he looked ready his jockey mike smith says he felt calm almost too calm but out of the gate he took off fast and gave his training cruise i'm worried that he would run out of stamina before the finish line but he never did he led wiretowire to the united kingdom where more than a thousand people have been recognized in the queen's birthday honours list from london alice fordham reports on the new titles list dishes out a variety of owners some people got a title like the actor amitav known for movies including love actually and sense and sensibility she is now dame emma thompson another damehood went to the classicist professor mary bed of cambridge university a prolific author and public intellectual other people get letters after their name like benefits patrick a multi medal winner at the winter paralympics she can now put b e for a member of the british empire after her name many good citizens will also recognized including repel who is one hundred and three and has been volunteering in her community since she was six for npr news i'm alice forum in london tana's just a couple of hours away from the french open men's final ravi on a doll playing dominic tam rain is under the forecast so the match could be disrupted i'm trial snyder npr news from washington support for npr comes from npr stations other contributors include doris duke charitable foundation whose grant making initiative the building bridges program supports efforts to increase the being of us communities by eliminating the many identities and experiences of muslim populations.

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