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I think the insular CORTEX can have a very lonely feral child. I don't know you don't know couldn't communicate but but I'm going to bet that if we start looking more carefully at that you wouldn't let's see what we think of as awareness of awareness primordial of it but that it would emerge with relating to other humans right I mean I can I can <hes> I can be skeptical because no one knows I'd. I'm on your side in the sense that not only our bodies but our social interactions are social mosaics are crucially important in determining who aren't how well the self emerges in in a social matrix right there yeah and Washington conscious also an unconscious probably a little more flimsy than it seems that feels well we tonight right we medicine thanks to it's probably we not as robust as it feel. It has something to do with the wiring diagram in the brain and the fact that it's a small world network <hes> the fact that it's not just a a little lattice but different parts of the brain can communicate with each other in different ways because we do studies and when you go to sleep or you're on drugs or you're anesthetized <hes> that networks were dissolves. Jobs in local parts can talk to each other but it's not this wide-scale coherence so there's a lot of stuff going on to make consciousness and the fact that we don't fully understand it right now. L. Is the least surprising thing in the world to me. Yeah I mean traumas caused the difficult problem with heart-to-heart problem. Are you in his camp or not but I had him on the podcast conversation conversation yeah I was GONNA listen. I didn't frustrates me. But what did you take away from that well. David is really smart and I disagree with them about most things that we care about he he is. He describes himself as a naturalist so he doesn't believe in God or the supernatural but he's not a physical list so he thinks that the physical world is not enough to describe the world. There's a separate set of mental properties that the world has and this leads him to be something called a Pan Psych est where he says even individual electrons have a little tiny bit of consciousness live cabinets this Lebanon menards something like that and so. I think you know I just can't go to me. Once you get there. You go like Oh come on. You're right right it. All feels like human in endowing things to try to help explain stuff as opposed to just taking what his but that you can actually observe. I think that's exactly right. I think that the the the the great progress made by people like Einstein was largely involved and whoever who invented the many worlds interpretation a lot of what they did was just therapeutic. It's not just physical. They said look this stuff. You don't need this stuff. We can explain this complicated stuff in terms of a much smaller set of simple stuff. Isn't science ultimately higher higher higher probability of correctness when it's more elegant it's razor. There are those who disagree with yes I think so he just comes razor. He do yeah who yeah so it. I don't want to speak for anybody else but there is this in particle physics right. We've we've long had this idea of naturalness like we don't know what exactly is going on beyond what we've looked at but we wanted to be natural in some way we don't want it to be like finely tuned and if you measure a number number and it's three we wanted to to plus one you don't want it to be a million three minus a million. It'd be something delicately..

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