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So it's a problem if nikos used the word queer but it's not a problem with feminine scored fuck white feminists and other women saying hey pitch i'm a boss pitch situational ethics situational ethics these people wanna like you know they want to dance they want wanna use all the hip hop slaying until it says something to them that they don't like you know you listen a hip hop you're not going to hear the same shit that you may here in your social life with your friends you listen a hip up it's sexual it's vulgar its violent it's hip hop you don't like it don't listen to it right you little protests they can a change what's going on in the mother fucking hood to quote iso cube in the class real boys in the you know know you don't show a you don't care about what's going on unless it's something you deem against you then you wanna gore twitter twitter is not the end all be your for your little fuck problems a kuwaiti wraps talk like sex maverick bow ju who drafts talk like set i'll do it puts off almost take likely hummus cisco bob only noble no matter how many girls won't be weighted you ain't done before bed oh my god we can go here we go from here than we thought of megabits with his blood nothing making it weather could not far better than your husband do we go back bathroom.

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