Luntz, United States, Rubio discussed on The Mark Levin Show


The investigation where is the concern that trump has this put him on defense for all these luntz that's why question coming out of the morning hearing well he's rambling and he's slobbering in as little as pop and all over the lens of the camera but he he's right let's just do this rationally stick with me on this presently united states has not interfered with the russian investigation there are two different issues russia flynn number one on russia number two quite the contrary colmey who's a hostile witness to trump said to questioning by rubio not only that but the president said he wanted his satellites his surrogates investigated to make sure nothing wrong took place so he encouraged it that puts the rest this whole thing that there's any effort to obstruct or undermine or whatever the russian investigation it colmey says out of the other side of his mouth he feels he was fired because of the russian investigation really that's between your ears powell let's not what took place then on the flynn side through the lankford questions what exactly did donald trump do the stop the investigation of flint he had the one conversation it's not even a conversation a couple of one liners with colmey that's it never brought it up again didn't direct him to stop.

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