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Loaded into down here in the eighth inning Gustav he's got a chance to get through it all by himself. which would be a great finish to his very positive twenty nineteen Gustav a had the bases loaded nobody out now bases loaded two down Barnes they had the patch is bounced on the ground on the left side and three. beyond the range of the donnas and third and that's going to score two runs Peter sedan Taylor right behind him he scores it's eight nothing Dodgers. there's just a ground ball but the Dodgers will take it Austin Barnes jumped on that first pitch did not get a couple runs. Will Smith the catcher will come up that I'm sure that feels good for us to barge there's a chance to the devil pushes batting average for the year to two hundred I hitters shouldn't really care about that but you can understand that they do. they don't look at the ledger at the end of the year and have it's a one ninety nine. roster Barnes gets a I hit there in probably his final at bat of the season here's a called strike two will Smith with the slider. so Gustav is going to give up the two runs here and the hope that it's just that. Will Smith hit a two run Homer in the first inning. all Dodgers today. pitch is a strike over the outside I want to. Dodgers are going to sweep the series it looks like which is not indicative of how the season series wet the giants play.

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