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Get my My research computer screen upgrade your on the old build outs you know yeah. Research tools off the top of drunken brain top of a drug brain which is honestly usually better for you. Like be real over is really not something people experience. No but i mean you've also got i mean. Yeah ken dorsey as a quarterback at cut back and the but the that running back that chart alone still just rose my mind. Bryant mckinnie started at left tackle. He was a longtime minnesota. Viking left tackle all probably wanting. Of course got ed reed other defense over their safety senior year. Jeremy shockey is. You're starting tight end brent. Rome recognize that name. He was a center guard for the lions for a long time thick white with on that roster to who can yup he was the second second strident freshman. There's it's insane. It's insanity couple years before that Ray lewis on rosser so those a string. What was it almost a solid decade or they turn out in venice nfl. Well the management in miami obviously went to. Larry coker mistake. Hey larry are you okay if we pay these players money to come here and he was like please play the players money to come here and he was like thank you and they were like no thank you larry and then they fuck. You won national. Titles that's what helped so okay. So i wanna talk about this because especially with the nfl staffing and we kinda talked about talked about that earlier on the sports report So at the nfl stuff. I know that you you have a little bit of experience around the college. Sports cited so i mean obviously there were different ways. And we can't go into specifics. We don't want anybody getting trouble or anything But there were different ways players players get paid they call it living stipends You know or you know. The benefits are tucked into different other things right but we're getting most of them at a very early age. They started coming from just academic a like dude. I didn't have to do homework high row for like i didn't have to home junior senior high school and not have to do homework because they were just like. Yeah just like just keep him. Eligible and that's in highschool bro in nebraska. Imagine what level this happens at at bigger schools in texas five and stuff like that where these kids are planned do. These kids are getting advantages from a very young age. Start to believe in those advantages and think that they're real all the time. Which does something like. Richard sherman case. Does something to you emotionally right. But there's there's a psychological part with that though light light. Let's head on this. Because you and i have talked about this but it's never been more of a thing and i liked this conversation. You know when when you talk about these players these elite players and this isn't just limited to football this basketball baseball hockey of those kids. That are bred for hockey here. The same thing if you spend all this time during the great all this time. You're you're great when somebody when when when when it all finally starts to slip away. The athletes have have a shelf life like they start to crack because not real right and it's such a huge part of who they are at that point. What i'm saying like because because of these advantages that have been been giving to them and things like that their entire life they think. That's a structural part of who they are as a person right that they played a sport and it and it is to a certain degree It's it it allows people to do all sorts of things like One of the things for me was taking out stressing anxiety things like that. Like in a not even not even like a game just like getting out when you're working out and after you know what i'm saying like practices and stuff like that that physical energy out of you and you feel a lot for one like that's just off the top right and incorporate incorporate that into all of these advantages that you're getting from it and like it's a structural part of who you are at that point especially if you're a professional athlete like that's not just you now that's these networks of people that are. Were lying on how much money that you make. And how much and how much like influence that you have in a community like. There's so is there so let me ask you this so so we understand. These kids are getting paid and someway were college lower even sometimes at the high school level because they wanted at that specific high school because especially the big football areas like down in texas on east coast in some of the rural areas. Especially you know that that that that football team that friday night football team. That's that's money. That's money for school that money for the area because people are spending money at the businesses in alabama. So it is. It is a part of the right it there away. You put these players in the position to succeed without continue. Just hand them everything so that they could be still mentally set up for success after the game. That's have somebody have somebody literally they're like. Who's that who's that old roman emperor that used to have that guy follow him around and the only thing that dude said to him was you are just a man. You are just a man. That's all he said to him because he was an emperor. God like amongst all these people you got to have somebody in your corner. That just does that. It's got to be a hero. You're talking you're not even the best wide receiver in the fucking district row. Like you need to get better like you're not if you're you're not the best leniency. In and you think that now common sense dictate like for me for my circle like i like to have people that are on. So that's why you're one of my best friends. Because i know that you and i can talk on my bullshit. And vice verse. That's that's the friendship that we have right and you know at our level.

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