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I get to tell the story on a podcast because up to now. I hadn't really remembered it because we did so much. We are how life has been preparing for this podcast. That's the the thing jesse is that you have stories like that. Just in your life that you've forgotten us. Oh forget that level of story in my life said no that was just tuesday night in highschool lying. I got well. We have great show in store for you today. Coming up later we talked to jeremy and audrey roll off the guys is i love them so much. Yes they are podcast house their former reality stars from the show little people big world another instagram influencers almost two million followers. I <hes> they're they're. They're joining us to talk about their new book. A love letter life love letter life yeah. I was actually really impressed with the interview with them. You know they're they got married on reality t._v. And it was like a big cable then andy. I'm sure we all our friends with them at that. Point did not watch it but i have watched clips of it. Send yeah but they you know they. I like it because they have a book. That's like an and they've actually are have found an organisation beating fifty percent that <hes> supplies young couples with with relationship resources and a new book about relationships but i like it because they're not necessarily position themselves as the experts but using their platform and their story story as a way for people to be vulnerable and honest and tell their own relationship stories and kinda learn to community community and mentor ship and counseling is like a big part of their story and a big part of what we talked about so i kinda like that they're doing that approach and that's kind of what we what we talked about coming up any you you kind of namedrop like oh. I wasn't friends with them yet. I have a question who's your most famous friend. You came in string other than your wicked broadway away star. Who's your most famous friend. Super weird question berman how famous someone is usually i would get out of this but i'm also curious i'd ah you hang out more than twice a year actual front and not hang out because they're doing a podcast recording joke texts and not have to be like hey what's up pow like do a quick text friend. I don't like this question at all. I don't know because i don't have a some people would say the four of us are famous and their moms have no idea who we are and so nobody's saying that i i have a lot of friends who have public public lives who are famous. I go okay. You haven't having sat. What's your phone. What's the name that we get to that. We're like what yeah yeah. How about with this famous person you have in your phone going any jesse. I'm not doing this you guys. I feel a little weird about doing to other your friend who i asked this question to whose most famous i in your phone madonna wow wow on that win and i was like how and he told the story like he's now friends with madonna unlike the okay. That's one of those other level stars even though like her career isn't quite like you know the craziest thing right now. She's john's in the pantheon of very very rare yeah yeah. That would be if i had my honest number. I would tell you i will tell you there's like a fifty fifty chance and i really really mean fifty fifty. Fifty positive is really exciting. There's a fifty fifty chance i mean i get to meet dolly parton next month cool. Ooh how for what reason. I was talking outside of her home. I'm not usually goes to the gym at this time so fifty senior it keeps going on tuesday she normally how do you get to meet him. There is a podcast possible opportunity well. I do fifty fifty fifty fifty fifth year. It's going to happen. We're not sure everybody is into it. It's fifty fifty so the day that i have dolly parton in my phone. I'm shouting john from the rooftop..

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