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Lot of traditional Independence Day fireworks won't happen this year. But authorities are preparing for possible record crowd in a lot of areas, communities that are going to throw big parties. Case in point aims. Berry Here's WBC's candle. Buell, the largest turnout aims. Berry is seen in the history of its Fourth of July celebration today to 7500 people this weekend. Acting police chief Craig Bailey's expecting up to twice that. That presents a major public safety challenges that Bailey says first responders are ready for. We have never put this much planning into one single event in the history of Amesbury. We've never had this many. Law enforcement firefighters, EMS personnel emergency management personnel in one area at one time, So I'm feeling incredibly confident that it's gonna be a great event aims Birds getting a hand from the northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council incident management team, it will be providing a unified command for the small army of various first responders tasked with keeping an expected record breaking crowd. Safe and happy from James Berry, Kendall Bill WBZ Boston's NewsRadio voting remains a big business coming on the heels of last year's boost in sales during the pandemic, and officials Reminding everyone practice safety during this busy holiday weekend As America prepares to celebrate the July 4th weekend, many of us will do so on the water in many cases, an indirect result of the pandemic when the demand to buy recreational boats went way up. Even now, some boat dealers are reporting no inventory and finding a slip in the marina has become difficult. But with the boom in new or inexperienced voters have come some sobering statistics. The U. S. Coast Guard reports that boating fatalities have increased 25% over 2019. And the total number of recreational boating accidents rose 26%. The main contributing factor in the fatal accidents, alcohol and the second biggest cause failures of boat owners to get proper training. Drownings were the leading cause of death, and then 86% of those cases while the boats themselves may have had life jackets on board. The victims were not wearing them. Peter Greenberg, Travel editor. CBS News Another strong jobs report yesterday from the Labor Department employers adding 850,000 jobs in June, which was well above Expectations. Brian Deese of the National Economic Council says the new numbers Callus strong story about wages. Average hourly earnings were up 3.6% over the year. And if you take out the pandemic, some of the some of that movements in the pandemic that we've seen the largest three month increase in wages on record, the overall unemployment rate did rise slightly to 5.9%. A wake and funeral held yesterday for retired state Trooper David Greene, one of two black people who were fatally shot during a shooting rampage last week. In Winthrop, Dozens of state troopers joined family and friends of Green for awakened funeral service. Green served in the air force before his 36 year career in law enforcement, including as a state trooper. A funeral for Ramona Cooper, a retired Air Force veteran, will be held Tuesday. In East Boston. The family says her funeral will be private. Suffolk County D. A. Rachel Rollins has called the attack a hate crime. The gunman, Nathan Allen, killed by police. State and local police are investigating the discovery of a homemade explosive device at a home in New Bedford. It was found near the front door of a home on Mosher's street. Navy bomb squad had to be called in from Newport, Rhode Island to safely detonate the device, Bedford police asking anyone with information to contact them unsafe conditions, forcing the evacuation of residents at a condominium building in North Miami Beach. 156 unit Crest View Towers is a few miles from Surfside or a condo tower collapsed last week, City officials say an inspection Earlier this year found structural and electrical problems in the crest View towers. Silvio Martinez among the residents evacuated. My apartment is in very good condition. I seen the whole I.

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