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Jack hess. It sounds so good. He's got such a great voice. I love that came on at midnight last night, come on. Let's get role and making number one today. Download it. Let's manipulate the numbers. What a great guy. Thank you. Jack Hess for stopping by. Now. What else you wanna do you ate each other? Scary scary was so quick to say. Yesterday, by the way, was national cream cheese frosting day. So our friend had Arlo cream cheese. Brought us breakfast. To celebrate also got these. These cupcakes from them from someone else. Oh, that's cream cheese frosting. I love our lock. Premji? I was I was putting them on everything out there. I'm just using the Mediterranean of vegetable and things called. Yeah. You weren't the only one people want ham on that cream. Teas. Arlen cream cheese is so good. There's something about cream cheese at turns me up they sent these cupcakes. Whoever did the art on them. They put our heads on the cupcakes. I mean, it looks just like us sort of kind of looked like some of them are spot on. Yeah. Daniels mad because her nose is really big money to get that nose made smaller. I to have a strong knows the cupcake, but the rest of it. I feel like is very accurate, my hair colors Taft nailed it. So I'm going to take the my cupcake and spread some Arlen Mediterranean garden cream cheese spread on there. Anyway. So look for Ireland this weekend. There's a reason we're eating ourselves. So froggy since you're not here. Maybe uncle Johnny can represent you eight foggy. Oh my gosh. That you were so fast. Tell you what give me some music scary. Like holiday eat, eat my. Fake. Eat my cupcake music. Right. That. It's not Christmas. Trunk. We really need to get going on this really funny radio wacky bait. Okay. Very nice. Danielle one's name and you have to eat their face off the co cake to describe what they taste. This is probably the most incredible bit we've ever. Yeah. Let's go. Here. We go. All right. So pick up froggy. Look, it looks just like frog. Eat froggy. All right. Probably what do you taste when you taste frog? Very sweet. And he is he's moist. He doesn't like that. Where great t go ahead taken name man who do you have to eat? I got myself. You have to eat yourself. Go ahead. Get in their ugly. Okay. Put it put you in your mouth come on where you turned off about eating you. Well. Well, it doesn't look like me. I know I know him ably. The ugly. Stick. No, you're having this cupcake look nothing like me. It's got hair on the Trent with. I have no hair. All right. Okay. How do you taste now that you you can finally eat yourself? I don't taste good. All right next to take eighty point name out Gandhi. Who are gonna eat eat scary. Oh, get ready for Garay. Malik might be. All right. Go ahead and take a bite of scary. Eating. You got a garlic. And every appetizer on the menu. That's weird. Eating scary. A little bit scary name Danielle. Hey, wanted then. Yeah. Share with great to you. Other Holly all day. Yellow a little salty abrasion. Sweet finish. Let me choose to eat Gandhi. Experience for you. Look it looks. Totally. Looks like them. But mine. Curry? Pot. Not good. A really good job on the stone will eating Ghandi. Friday, doesn't realize how delicious he is. So John who do you want to anybody? Twice if they let me guess, I can't who is it. Oh, Elvis on you. Let me see me. I didn't even see me. It's a cupcake with much Qaeda. I look better on the cupcake. After eight happy head Johnny put me in your mouth in eat. Do you want to take your dentures out? I I'm sorry. About very very Rick..

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