De Blasio, President Trump, Bears discussed on First Morning News


De Blasio urging people to stay home for Thanksgiving. President elect bite It meets with national security experts today, but he continues to be blocked from getting intelligence briefings. President Trump continues to claim Democrats are trying to steal the election. There's a feud going on between Republicans over that vote recount in Georgia and New Star Wars. Lego movie is coming out today in sports the Vikings when their third straight beating the Bears, 1913 and Monday night football and the robbery charges against former Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker have been thrown out. 5 31 time Right now, let's get to the traffic check with Bernie. Vital If you're on the BQE urine slowdowns eastbound from the Manhattan Bridge up to the Williamsburg Bridge. That's where two lanes are closed with construction. Heading east on the BQE major problems right now in Connecticut, First off the risk Construction and Stanford north on 95 Exit seven to Exit nine. With the right and center lanes closed. Stay to the left to get by that. Then everything's completely closed in Fairfield, heading north about 95 between 23 exit 24. This is where we haven't overturned. Tractor trailer happened around 2 30 this morning. You could take Route one as your alternative. You're in a car. You can use the Merritt Parkway Trucks to New England might want to consider taking 6 84 84 because this is not gonna get cleared away any time soon. This north about 95 closure again between extra 23 actually 24 our next traffic updates coming up in 10 minutes on 7 10 W 00 on All right, let's go to our weather with meteorologist Ray Staging to the weather Channel. You're gonna need a next tra layer. I think today, right? Hey, Yeah. Little Killian, Joe. Little colder Even by tomorrow.

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