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And he's gonna win right that That was the guys that I want. And, um, Dan Campbell was that player, right? This isn't like by acting. This isn't like him. Manufacturing. Um you know this is this the persona because he's now a head coach. That was what Dan Campbell was. That's what he's in the league to do. And he wasn't He wasn't he was on the team with Jeremy Shockey when I was their shock. E was our glamorous big boy tight and go score touchdowns with their flowing, you know, blonde hair and be that Dan Campbell was alright blocked that tackle D tackle you get into the scrum being an ass kicker, and it's gonna hurt, But you know what? We were counting on you to do it and he did it for I think what 10 years or 12 years was career was Hey, was a grinder, And then he went into the coaching ranks And this grinded got tasked with being the interim coach in Miami, and they suck that those years, but he came back and was like We're going to run the ball. We're gonna practice with pads on. We're gonna do all this stuff that football players should be doing. He brought that back. And now for the last four years or five years, Actually, he's been the assistant. Head coach and a tight end coast down on Sean Payton. So he's learned under some of them really a really good head coach, Great head coach and Sean Payton. So I think he's perfectly prepared for this job, and he's perfectly positioned to be successful up. There may take a little bit, but that's why I take a little bit. They're not very good, but that is a little bit. But that's why a six year deal is perfect. You'll see fight and you'll hear resolve. You'll hear energy and You know that that that fan base needed Ah, hand to palm off the mat. You know, the kind of just just kind of spark something again. There's nothing worse when and Lions fans. I'm not saying apathy is The most dangerous human emotion. I mean, when you start when you stop caring about something. Yep, That's that's that's not good lines. Fans never stopped caring, but Boyd, I do believe on a lot of levels that they stop believing. That they can ever find their way to where they want to find. And this guy he's galvanizes a great great job. By Dan Campbell. That was awesome. I don't know of Eagle fans will be is fired up about Nick's Syriani, but we'll find out Donovan McNabb's gonna join us next. The road ahead. Daddy, you rehabilitate Carson Wentz. How broken is Carson Wentz, this.

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