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It's the crime scene broken quote were it not for the ceiling you might think they'd fallen from great height such was the spread of blood beneath them wow and he's getting very very very sad which is tax now another rape and murder occurs in nearby irvine on february six nine hundred eighty one this time the victim is men wella whitten twenty year old men will is husband was sick in the hospital the time investigators believed that the goes eight killer thought that the husband was home when he when he broke in she was sexually assaulted before being brutally blood into death they noted the massive head injury ligature marks some bruising on her right hand there was a mark on her left buttock the corner later concludes likely from punch sadly her husband david who died in two thousand eight was initially a suspect in his wife slain before dna evidence cleared him so you know how he was terrorized as well by the golden state killers deeds on in an extra way on july twenty seventh sherry domingo's and gregory sanchez murder this time backup goleta just a few blocks from some of the golden state killers previous victims twentysevenyearold sanchez suffered a nonfatal gunshot wound to the cheek before being bludgeoned with garden tool thirty five year old dominion was raped before being killed sherry demand go was a single mother the day before the murder sharing her teenage daughter had gotten into a fight debbie had run away she called her mom from the beach the co ended with why don't you just get the hell out of my life and you know she slammed the phone down and that would be the last words that mother and daughter would ever speak to each other men think of again think about how many lives is piece of shit has damaged in so many ways right like all the kids parents were taken from them all the parents whose kids were taken from them right kids who are at the home when it happened how much is that gonna fuck you how much that phone call she with her mom gonna fuck her up and none of this even council the ransacking how many families you know he left feeling unsafe and violated after rummaging through their homes again i keep saying but joseph james james was found guilty i i want him to suffer so much now the demons are real.

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