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Free agent just next month, Puma. Now new balance re entering the market. What do you think about on this one as well as they brought that Kevin? Donatus craves director. So it's an exciting time. A lot of brands are getting back into the mix. You know, his deals not expiring talks over. I after all this, I start talking to brands, but they a couple of weeks ago announced that they're the head sponsor for the hour back centre. And and the Celtics facility is it's across the street on the headquarters of the new balance headquarters, which is the first time that a team has done that is so new balances looking at Boston as a priority market. Gordon Hayward is looked at by a lot of brands as the all star level guy that's going to have potential to be in the finals here. So there's brands like onto that are interested and a lot of people for by the way I shipping, but Matt Bonner the last NBA athlete to w-. New balances. So I don't know where you feel like Matt Bonner, Gordon Hayward, sit in there. Look at that. See, we just wanted to get the map. And Math Made. I think he played without a shoe deal the last three years and just really liked the shoes. So it was. It was one of those things where he's from that region, but they've they've been out of the game for a little bit and they're going to revamp. And I assume do some much more exciting stuff than probably wouldn't. That was the majority of what they've done is running shoes. Yeah, that's, you know, that's that's the signature Puma, adding Celtics guard Terry Rozier to its roster. The brand relaunched his basketball category by sending de'andre Eytan, Marvin Bagley. Rosiere told her report quote, I feel like I'm very marketable, I feel I'm the guy they needed to sign a Nick. What's the cleaned up version of what Puma posted on Instagram today. I'm only messing with Puma is the finessed way of how he how he phrased that, which which I think what we've seen a Puma that's been exciting is they're trying to be the most transparent honest and kind of refreshing brand out there. It was the more colorful press release, a quote I've ever seen from a player that's not how that goes. Usually they are excited to join global company and it's very bland. But, but you know, we've seen in some of the stuff. They'll look it up on is e go ahead. No, they're they're Puma account after my story about and Jordan brand splitting. They reposted a random mean that was like Jim from the office with Jay z. looking over his shoulder outside of a window. Like I think they're going to be poking fun at stuff. They're looking for visibility here and I love the signing actually because you know, at the draft, they did get a lot of big guys. This gives them a lot of balance. It's kind of a Reggie Jackson situation potentially. Maybe Terry is not on the Celtics next year and we'll in that remains to be seen, but it seems like an interesting strategy. They're almost buying low cost stocks that have high growth potential potentially. But there I mean the draft guys, they sign they were making great offers. So the financial package is definitely there. And I think for a lot of the players, it's totally open ended. In terms of every guy there signing feels like I can be the face, and so it's driving on this. I mean, all these companies right now is it the ascendance of the league internationally as China? Like why? Now, it's a great question. So basketball out of all the major sports, it's the one sport where a kid can by the shoe that's actually warn. You can't buy and. Where it around and then basketball athletes. As we've seen like the way they're active on social media, the way they're globally relevant, China, there's so many touch points of music and culture like it's the perfect storm for all these things that if you're a brand, make it really, really compelling to get stories out there..

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