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We can all hold what it feels like. I'm what is a global crisis and also knows still consume art like this decision the point right now. It's not the point for me right now, trying to figure out how to get my mom groceries. You know new. York I'm not I'm not worried about doing an interview, and so it took a lot of Kinda retina reminds around okay. How can I be creative? Creative moment, how can I show up in this moment? How can I consider this book and what I do with this book? As an offering, people are tired. People don't want to focus on the Pentacle Day. Like can I use the book as a way to bring joy, or to at least change the direction of the narrative and a book about Greece in a moment where a lot of people are leaving. Maybe you don't hit the maybe a wall, and so there were a lot of questions, but ultimately I think it was my online community that got me excited again. It was the folks on. INSTAGRAM and twitter people. Send me emails. Who are like I? I ordered I can't wait, or this is the thing I'm looking forward to it I haven't done anything as six weeks. I'm not spending money, but like this book and I think for me. It kind of reinvigorated me in what a This kind of conversation that happens I've been invited more book clubs with this novel than any other book I think it's partly because a lot of people are participating in book comes a lot of people are home in their reading, and so I I wouldn't change a thing, and we talked about potentially pushing the book to the fall and given what we all know about the state of the world right now like I'm so. So glad we we just we stuck with a plan and trusted that readers would show up I feel like this was such a good escape I personally had a really hard time reading specifically in March, and at the very beginning, but now I really found books to be such an escape and especially books that have a travel element like this does, or you know give me perspective into somebody else's life that is not my own does not have to do with the pandemic or politics or anything like that so I found the sweet like such an amazing reprieve, and especially the beauty of the of the writing was like so transport of it really was. That and maybe I need to take that suggestion in the initially I, was able to read a lot of romance novels, which isn't unusual for me I, realise. Anyway. But I love the hopefulness. Here's the comfort like I know what I'm going to get and that I needed that, and then it became difficult I got really mad at Romance Office you don't understand. You're not wearing a mask. I'm talking Torian. Region. was that I can't see my mom. Until I realized.

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