Abdul Rashid Dostam, Navy Pier, WGN discussed on Dean Richards' Sunday Morning


The search this morning to find the missing boater who went overboard during the Chicago to. Mackinac, race which began yesterday he went overboard around three o'clock. Five miles north of navy pier more from WGN's Eric wrong the coastguard does. Tell us that the Fifty-three-year-old was likely wearing a self inflating life. Preserver, however it may not have inflated when he did go overboard other safety measures, were taken when. They did notice that he did. Go overboard other racers van were involved with a search just after it happened. Again searchers continuing to look for the missing Fifty-three-year-old Who went overboard yesterday investigators from the National Transportation Safety board of interviewed witnesses of. Thursday's, duck boat accident in Missouri NTSB lead investigator Bryan Young. Says they've retrieved the recorder from the sunken boat the real objective is going. To be to find out what kind of information they had on board, when they made the decision to go out This was a squall that gave. Up rather suddenly there's a lot more for. Us to, understand they've also collected video from another vessel that was near the boat when it sank during a sudden storm wins at, that time were recorded at seventy three miles an hour, an Afghan, spokesman says there was a large explosion near the Kabul airport today shortly after the country's controversial first vice president landed on his return trip general Abdul Rashid Dostam and members of his entourage were unharmed and the explosion took place just after his convoy had left the airport governor Rauner has signed legislation to. Better, protect state workers invulnerable positions the amendment to the abused and neglected child reporting act now requires law enforcement to. Make all efforts, to assist the department of children and family..

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