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The big one ended up hey phil you're on the show what's up hey what's going on farm family everyone likes to talk about sperm on a friday right what about the way in a way in marlin john and ken kennedy living caller and i yeah you know as far as comedic families go yeah that's a good that's a yeah i'm trying to think who would be bigger comedy wise yeah movies still gami and they're still going strong to all right fair enough thanks for the call appreciate hey chang on the blog it's on my page scott slump seven hundred ww dot com you're not gonna believe this you gotta see this to believe it if you think the word could the world cannot get any more narcissistic we can't get any more self absorbed it's taken a turn now people are now getting nose jobs specific nose jobs not just make my nose look smaller as my nose too big for my face can you just wanna keep my nose the same but could you make my head trank people are getting nose jobs now because they want their self east to look good so they're they're having their noses changed so that they look good on a smartphone that is some first world crap right there isn't it that is a first world problem myself doesn't think neuro nose looks fine realized yeah but i'm camera it looks horrible holy crap i mean you got to see this to believe it's anyway it's up on blocks seven hundred ww dot com i wanna get news and why return to the show last mcallister's here i'm gonna talk to him about sperm something he knows very little about sperm lance mccullers says here i got a really good question for based on what tampa bay is doing case you don't know that they have an opener now not a closer and opener a pitcher that's pitching just an ending or two to open the game and it's working great for them the question is isn't this what's wrong with baseball i think pitching is what's wrong with baseball i'll get into that with him just ahead traffic and weather news radio seven hundred w ell jelly cincinnati tragedy strikes a local school district this is the eleven thirty nine troy atoms breaking now after developing bleeding on the brain earlier this month fifteen year old lakota lakota west high school student matt stratton has passed away the shock and disbelief and the also the helplessness of knowing there was nothing you could do to help and that hard when you do what we do scott kauffman is the athletic director at lakota west high school strengthen was taken to the hospital after the annual alumni lacrosse gain he would have been a sophomore this coming school year tragic i mean it's kim a father of two i just can't even imagine i just can't imagine a community gathering took place tonight in the school's football stadium centerpoint point church will have grief counselors on hand tomorrow from two to four pm now the latest traffic and weather together there are a few accidents to report coleraine avenue at springdale road mchenry avenue at baltimore woodford road at.

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