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Calm that i'm relaxed that i'm learning and growing and i'll tell you i have a self imposed rule that i'm not allowed to read a business book until i read a parenting hunting or marriage book i at least five to ten pages while and that ensures that my family who we all claim as our number one priority but does your schedule reflect that and mine before i had cancer did not and i thought to reinforce that they're my number one priority the first thing i'm gonna do every morning miracle morning is i'm going to learn how to be better and so for me. Constantly sharpening my mind if you will through meditation and all of those practices is what keeps me sharp and i do it every day six six days a week on average brilliant brilliant. Thank you financial the next spoke. What are the things you employ for your financial wellbeing so for me. The biggest thing has been creating passive and and recurring income and i think that that those words are charged a word. I think some people associated with get rich quick like oh yeah get rich quick and create passive acid income and on and on no <unk> when i had cancer i really understood the value of this so i have passive income through having unpublished written thirteen books and then thirty seven translation so i fifty sources of income just from my books and when when i had cancer i really couldn't work for a year and that was our highest income year we've ever had seven figure income year and it was from the passive recurring income sources. I had set up and here's what i would say to people in fact if you want to learn more go go to entrepreneur dot com and search hal elrod. I wrote an article about this on steps to do this. Whether it's writing books or it's investing in real estate or i have friends and invest in all sorts of weird one by debt. Let's have one that buys internet company. I mean all sorts of random stuff right on but the bottom line is any real estate is probably the easiest lowest hanging through where you you know go vic- robert kiyosaki books right. You can learn how to invest in real estate with no money down. It's a real thing but the idea. I have one friend that his goal was to buy ten ten. How chen rental houses over the next ten years have them paid off over the next thirty years and then he'll give retirement of twenty thousand dollars a month minimum. <hes> you know it right. That's including inflation of rental price. That's that's in today's dollars which the it'll probably forty thousand a month but there you go. That's something that literally almost anyone can do. You know maybe not at that pace. Maybe it takes longer but that's the biggest habit is. I created passive recurring income and yeah i've been working on that by the way for the last fifteen years so it took me a long time to get there but you know they say on the day of victory no fatigue spell right and like once you start seeing incoming while you're sleeping. You're like whoa. This is cool. You are listening to the ziglar. We're so and hearing the successful habits of how elrod what passionate and just truly inspiring guy the next spoke we talked through a spiritual and he shares a favorite resource that has really shaped his personal relationship with god..

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