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A big impact on adding a more youthful element to the health status of their major blood vessels there's another dietary supplement shows promise for reversing cardiovascular aging and it's not something that carlson makes although have asked them to but it is available in the marketplace it's called nicotinamide riboside and a supplement of nicotinamide riboside is shown to be so effective that it mimics caloric restriction to boost arterial health so that's pretty doggone interesting this is a university of colorado boulder study that was published that showed that when people consume this supplement nicotinamide riboside daily it mimics caloric restriction kickstarting the same key chemical pathways that are responsible for the health benefits of caloric restriction the supplementation improves blood pressure and arterial health particularly in people who have mild hypertension this was the first study in humans over a period of time of nicotinamide riboside there have been a number of animal studies with this supplement this is a supplement it's called nyah jen and i take it every day i have been very encouraged by the animal studies and nicotinamide riboside lev raises the levels of na d and and that is a marker of youth so what they did was this was the department of integrative physiology at colorado university at boulder they found that the supplement was well tolerated and it activated the same key biological pathways that calorie restriction does they published in the journal nature communications and they got people between the ages of fifty five and seventy nine from the boulder area and for six weeks they gave them five hundred milligrams twice a day of nicotinamide riboside and they took blood samples and physiological measurements and they found that a thousand milligrams daily of nicotinamide riboside boosted levels of a compound called nicotinamide adenosine die nuclear tied and ad it boosted nasd by sixty.

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