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And being featured, and that audiences are understanding that they can be just as fun to read about as anything else as someone who wants round comes to survive. I love to see them diversify. So that's thing one. And then think too is I got to write up guy. Brandon's excellent memoir. My life is a goddess a memoir through unpopular culture, and Glenn talked about this book on here before. So I am just doubling down and saying it is some of the best writing about art. I have read ever he has a chapter in here. That's about his dad and his father's favorite movie. The man who shot liberty Valance, and it is some of the best rating about film and father son relationships that I've ever encountered if you haven't picked it up yet really do yourself a favor and pick it up. It's fantastic as an audio book. And it's a great thing to read on an airplane. Second third fourth. It's amazing AAC cannot praise highly enough, and I was thrilled to get to read it up. For the concierge the books concierge, my life is a goddess and love stories glor-. Thank you, Margaret, h Willison NPR music is working on a project, not quite of the scope and scale of the books concierge, but it is year end music season. And as such I'm going through dozens and dozens of albums that I never really quite got around to over the course of the year and along the way a fallen madly in love with an album by a country singer named Ashley McBride it has been an extraordinary year for women in country music, Casey must graves pistol Annie's Ashley Monroe, Amanda shires. All of those records are terrific. This has this kind of shaggy lived in quality. That is really really resonated with me. She sings all these songs about being underestimated being an underwhelming but loving relationship loving a beat up garment that's meant a lot to her family. And all of these songs are wrapped up in this phrasing. That is extraordinarily warm and kind of bound up in insight a really beautiful way. Let's actually here. A little bit of the chorus to a song called a little dive bar in Delano. Listen to that chorus. And you hear just the way she hits the word right for whatever. Reason it just knocks down every one of my defenses. She's terrific terrific singer. Can't wait to hear more the Amish called girl Ashley McBride, and that brings us to the end of our show, you can find all of Twitter, you can find.

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