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Show just real quick before you get us going. Did you know the cowboys. Play the steelers. Tonight there is football tonight. There is an nfl game tonight. A hall of fame game is tonight. I'm not ready for some football. I'm not either. I'm not thankfully to hall of fame game so i'm not sure we're going to see much most years on the hall of fame game. We rush up to an allegation hunt. All it means. Football's here and then you watch three plays and you're like wait a minute. That's not actually football. That's that's fake football. it's here. i'm going to training camp this weekend. Two days of getting my hopes up by monday. I'll be screaming. We're going to be bama david samson. Did you get confused when you arrived in town at the grip that the dolphins had even though the dolphins weren't any good on this town and over the time that you were here the heat sort of wrestle the city away from the dolphins grip but were you surprised by that when you got here having no experience with miami well no because remember a guy named larry lucchino who used to be the president of the red sox. One of the co-owners the red sox with the padres on that name. He was hired by major league baseball to go to florida. During the time that we were negotiating the franchise swap with the with john. Henry and bud selig and the red sox and the angels etc. Anyway larry aquino was hired to tell but seelig whether baseball could work in florida and whether there could ever be stadium financed because zinc and henry had failed at getting a stadium done and his report said that It's dolphins town. It will always be dolphins town. And he viewed it as very unlikely that a stadium deal could ever get don by anyone which is wide but seelig said good luck. Have fun in miami. I know that you and mike have covered a lot during the pandemic through your notes. Do you have one interesting story above all others that you haven't told about that team swap because things like that you just never see. When do you ever see that happen in sports. That had to be such a complicated transaction. Well it's never happened before and it's never happened since where there's been a three way franchise transaction. I think one of the interesting things that i don't think got enough. Attention was what was going on in the minds of the owners. Were negotiating this and the commissioner who was negotiating this. They were so desperate to have a deal and john henry. His level of of desire to get out of florida was shocking. He would have allowed the team to be contracted Before he would have kept the team in miami if he had not been allowed to buy another team he would've said contraction if contraction would have been allowed he would have sold. The team tried to move the team anything but he was done in south florida without a question but heap overplayed his hand quite a bit. Obviously it's worth out for me. He's now got fenway sports group. He's turned a small investment into billions of dollars on the backs of people. In a way that makes me jealous and Shocked at how good he is what he does running the baseball team but he had times during the transaction was his idea and i have to give him credit for it to swap players. Because while he didn't want to be in florida he really did want his florida players with him. Specifically josh beckett is the example. I'd like to given when mike and i spoke about it. I don't think that we talked in enough detail about how hard he tried to get josh beckett. And i didn't know josh beckett really. I didn't know much of the players. So i counted on my scouts. Montreal to tell me who which players we'd want to make sure are kept in miami. And what trade would you do if we weren't going to have josh beckett and that's when we counter with we'll take ladder guerrero senior and we went to meet bud and said we'll do that. Trade will do beckett for guerrero and but felix said no. I'm not going to allow that. John henry almost walked away from the table for that. Why wouldn't he allow it. Because he felt that if we we were doing a three way swap and he did not want to lose any assets from the expos because he knew that he was selling that team to move it and he felt the part of the attraction of getting the biggest price possible for the expos would be to have whatever superstars they had. He didn't realize that oman mnay would then just completely get rid of all the people when when he took over the expos on behalf of baseball because he didn't realize that what the learners wanted in washington was just a team that they could have been a team of lebatardshow ryan's and samson's and they would have paid the same amount. I don't know where guerrero was on the timeline of his prime back. Then but how would that trade have turned out. Would it have been 'cause josh beckett at that time was somebody who was just a prospect right. Well now he was. He was certainly in the major league level and it was someone who is going to be great. We didn't expect him to be pitching. The final game of a world series just two seasons later and then go onto another world series in boston and guerrero was the best hitter we thought we had ever seen and there was no limit to what he'd be able to do in his career and both out to be corrected. Would've been a very fair trade. Actually i've actually been a little captivated recently with all the trade deadline moves in all the high profile cubs switching teams. I've also been playing and we'll be the show. So i've been paying a little bit more attention to the sport and seems as though the yankees have turned it around a little bit and there's a very exciting wildcard chase right now with immense fire offensive firepower from the new york yankees trying to track down the as which obviously made a move with miami. I love the playoff expansion. I think there are a lot of positive lessons to be learned from last year..

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