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The light full bath soap too they love the luxury of this sentence move cake the delicate clinging fragrances leaves on the skin they love the wave ladder is even in hard water yep looks toilet soap is fifty two each case can be used to the last things lever so for a real beauty bath use the soap that's luxurious yet inexpensive the soap nine out of ten screen stars prefer Hollywood's own beauty so why not get some fragrant white blood stolen so tomorrow we return you to Mister Kelly act three of Christmas holiday starring Loretta young as Abigail William Holden is just a and David Bruce as Robert it's a few minutes before nine o'clock at the night club colonies on the set tonight is unusually long perhaps because of the holiday perhaps because the wife of an escape is billed as the star entertainer among the crowd is Jenny Mason quickly he six Valerie the mall tomorrow no tenant how are you back to the line you wait a fiscal by now the planes are leaving him at nine Mister she's here is yes she's had a ten anybody to do a number it had about a husband how is she what you should know waiting for I thought if I came out here maybe I can help I don't know right I you don't think there's a chance that the network rest coming out here doing you.

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