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Again it goes back to pushing the limitations of anything so someone like kendrick lamar is extraordinarily not just because of his writing but what he's willing to deal with his body he is to me an extraordinary artists because he's not let so many of his generation he's not a studio rat so when you watch these guys and god bless him but frank ocean is the most boring person to watch because kendrick lamar compared to that kendrick lamar is giving you something of himself it's not about retaining mystique it's about trying to understand what his story is visibly contemporary society so i think to answer your question those guys are so incredible to me flying lotus all of these people who are in their twenties and thirties black shabazz palaces all of these guys are really right in in a different way they you know there's that wonderful thing tony morrison said about the title invisible man she said she didn't know who he was invisible to not to her that she loved her father and she had grown up with men of color that she saw and so she'd never took it for granted in her work that they weren't powerful people and i feel the same.

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