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Thousand issue on gaubert's returned to wcw. And whether he's a solution to what was ailing. Ww at the time. Also my call titled vince. Russo is from outer space. And bruce mitchell's column still timely today unfortunately of racist gimmicks and poverty pimps was the title. That's issue number six six the week before that issue number six zero five from june third features. A cover story talks about how there could be a shakeup in the wrestling industry with wcw for sale and east cw having an uncertain future. And also a bruce mitchell. Column spoofing vince. Russo titled how i became world champion if we go back another week to the may twenty seven th two thousand issue it had detailed coverage of the judgment day two thousand pay per view including my review and staff roundtable reviews of the rock. Aaa ch sixty minute. Iron man match and also the final installment of the lance storm torch talk with his thoughts on various w colleagues the week before that the may twentieth two thousand issue issue number six. Oh three features a cover story. Rick flair collapse in the ring during nitro part three of the storm. Torch talk with this explanation for why he decided to quit. Cw our coverage vw hardcore heaven. The pay per view and more and then the week before that the may thirteenth issue features a cover story on the changing landscape and pro wrestling with the wwf moving from usa to tnn and potential shift vc. W also covers sidebar story on the death of an ec- w. fan after a hotel party and wcw slammed berry coverage and the week before that our coverage from the may issue number six zero. One of david arquette winning the wcw title my end notes editorial examining controversial decision and flippant comments about title belts our coverage of wwe. Backlash two thousand. And more. i could keep going on but that gives you an idea of what you're missing out on. Not being a member mentioned settling in on the weekend and kicking back and reading wrestling history. Not through the lens of wwe filtering it to their benefit. Not three people looking back on it through today's lance but what was said at the time the week it happened by some of the voices that you are.

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