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I wish off the. Jury. You can stop. Out The. Don't ask Rick Tidwell to bring it because it already done got brought. It gotten broaden. Today! We heard that sad to report that Johnny Majors has passed away at the age of eighty five. His wife Mary Lynn there married sixty one years made the announcement. Johnny Majors one of the best football coaches of all time. Call a hall of Famer. But he's rare class because he built elite programs at three separate universities Iowa, state cyclones the Pitt Panthers and his Alma Mater. Which I think. Tennessee volunteers. Cyclones nineteen sixty to seventy, two took him to the first bowl game in history. The Panthers. He was there when Tony Dorsett was there and they won the national championship, they went undefeated. But he was an all American halfback. Believe it or not, and finished second in Heisman voting, losing to the golden boy himself Paul Horning. At, South Bend so when he came back to the VOL's, he was there from seventy seven to ninety to. Sell and seventy seven I was twelve years old. So this is why I remember him. I remember Tony Dorsett at Pitt I. don't remember Johnny Majors, but Johnny. Majors won three SEC championship seven ballgames, and this is back when we had twelve bowl games a year, not sixty ballgames. Johnny majors drive is the main thoroughfare through the UT campus. But He went back to pit a little bit kind of as an old guy, but he finishes his career with one hundred and eighty five wins. twenty-ninth, most and these are all these are one hundred Twenty Five D. One big program wins no offense to Saint Mary's College, but these aren't just one hundred and twenty-five wins. So three schools that's that's very odd that three schools basically regard you as their greatest coach of all time. So that's still show you. Just how much Johnny Majors meant. To those programs all right we have another hour together and I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to participate. Because the rest of the way, I'm pretty sure I. Don't have any guests, so you can come in and be my guess. I'm ready to the Luciano's. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network. And HARTLAND NEWSFEED DOT COM. This dream is supported by advertisers and contributions by. Follow us on Facebook, twitter and INSTAGRAM's. Service newscasts for June third twenty twenty on Mike Clifford. In.

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