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Let me find it was another whole picks click clip yeah it was the hope hick abe old hicks clinics okay homeless find the because i want it sounded identical it is uh the air was a an oath abc one two three four i don't know which one that was in damaged cell well the ideal says kicker osama might be used day anyway yes it was the yeah i think they are taken i am the dis what was the point of any collusion in this story to mindcontrol about the email it wasn't about cold i mean the other story was of bowed kind of you know maybe you could say that that yet aware that but this were just ridiculous any collusion were on my email ardo or mit meant was to shows ago now as he was looked well maybe but here's the let's go ahead do a little more on this because as i was this they abc this is muir talking about hick's and trump hacks and i they can't not dig deep obvious he have like a target list for something eta do to make sure that people don't get it get the wrong idea another words in this case heaven forbid you'd think it may have because the guy who leaked it they said it was a source in the in the committee that's chef via and so you have to assume that maybe the leaks were i'm sorry not the league's but the tax was the nsa is the first thing i think of it wasn't even really clear if it was her main email or not know where they they they did mention that that it was unclear what email at nine right but let's listen to this where they try to make sure that you don't think nsa acilia that news tonight that whole picks had one of her email accounts hat during the campaign this is not the first indication that we've heard at the trump team may have been targeted by hackers david last year the fbi warned the trump organization the family business that there had been an attempted hacked from overseas nonsense the family had also warned top aides here in the west wing including how pigs about being.

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