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That's Joan rivers in a clip from the new documentary about her Joan rivers of piece of work well you really gave it to him but first of all in a in case people couldn't hear what he was saying that's not funny if you have a a death sentence on yeah but that is funny because you first of all where are we going to start I was do you think about noisy children how I hate noisy children on air play and then I was the only choice I would like would be Helen Keller it's a joke I'm a comedian if they'd sixty dollars to make you laugh it's a silly joke he obviously had such anger and emotion in him and took it so personally and it just made me after it's terribly sad but you have to say that it's funny it's okay your son would laugh at that my mother at the end was deaf absolutely good nearly and we used to laugh at that and your letter that you deal with his I don't deal with life and get over it and make it funny because otherwise it's so sad what is the most painful things that happened to you that you've ended up making jokes about on stage where do you where do you my husband's suicide right some man sixty years old that couldn't take the business and went and killed himself how do you deal with that how do you deal with that when you've got a sixteen year old daughter who gets the call huh I don't take yeah you do with that you go through it can you you make jokes about it and you continue with it can you move forward that's how you doing that's how I do it everyone handles things differently how do you make jokes about how do you deal with with of bankruptcy how do you deal with your fire from fox when your number's was still good and you can't get a job for a year and a half you do what and I do it by making jokes we're listening back to our twenty ten interview with Joan rivers as part of our.

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