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Eight hundred nine six nine nine three five two, and we will take your calls here for sure interestingly tonight, we were talking about this earlier, you got the raise taking on the done. Eating Blue Jays who do their summer training up in Toronto. So they'll be up in Toronto tonight. But you've got the Blue Jays and the blue jackets that are playing our home teams tonight, really often as brilliant that you came up with that. I just noticed I saw volts in the blue jackets, and then I saw the Blue Jays. So both Bluejays are going down today. Let's hope that's the case. Let's hope that's the case. Let's see note. Hear from Ray and Saint Peter I bought some shoes off a drug dealer. I don't know what he laced them with. But I've been tripping all day, man. You gotta get titles laces tighter. Yep. He's been tripping or by better, drugs and bolts attitude. What are the Columbus? Blue jackets, and the Titanic have in common. They both look good until they hit the ice. Still too soon. That's from Ray in Saint Pete down. This very interesting here public's, a Florida based supermarket as you know, as I shop at frequently. Yeah. Looks like they posted thirty six point one billion dollars in revenue for last year. That's almost a four and a half percent increase from twenty seventeen those figures closely aligned with Nike's revenue thirty six point four billion just point three billion of a difference there. That's incredible public's really is a just a giant right now. Yeah. And part of the country though. Yeah. Which is makes it even more mazing Nike. As the country Nike's worldwide S jobs remember to have been making Nike. He jobs all they do. They do. Nice international inter religious, everything you just ruined. My birthday gift surprise for Jack. I'm sorry. You couldn't get one within those that size. A Nike job that like thing would stick way out and droop over kids could hide under it. But he do. Under my nose. But but Jeff makes a great point just in such a small portion of the US where Nikes not just the United States. They are everywhere the global they're only in seven states, seven states. What public's oh, I thought you were going to say Nike. I was gonna say they're always anybody know who Nike is. I told you the day Jack. Who's Nike Nike is their goddess the Greek goddess victory Greek goddess victory. So we're going up against some Greek gods. Publix is kicking it. But you know, and. About new balance? Who is that is probably whether well then does because you got have some. Yes. So be it spokesperson. Hey, by the way, the latest we're going to put a poll on our webpage because the Julian Assange thing because there's a debate over whether or not this guy, basically deserves to be maybe even executed is he a journalist or is he a traitor journalists store traitor, and we'll take your calls on that as well. Eight hundred nine six nine nine three five two that will be after the five oh five report coming up here next. And we're gonna put it on our Twitter poll, we're going to have a Twitter poll. So please go to our Twitter poll Twitter site at WFL, a news at WFL, a news and weigh in on that as a journalist or Zia traitor, anyway, seven forty six and let's go to the newsroom and Chris treatment. The former mayor in port Richey in Pasco county is accused of using drugs while in office police records show, Dale message smoked crack every night and also used meth and marijuana. The sixty eight year olds in jail after he was arrested a month ago method has since resigned as mayor, but maintains his innocence David Strang says he has proof that Jane castor manipulated crime data while she was police chief he made that claim in his opening statement at last night's debate in the race to be Tampa's next mayor caster denied the allegation. He says drowsy has no idea what he's talking about. The debate of the Tampa theatre was the final one before April twenty third selection. More shaking in the panhandle appears to be the result of earthquakes to more quakes were reported yesterday across the state line in Alabama the first quake late in the morning was a two point five magnitude the second in the afternoon was a two point eight that makes seven earthquakes in the area in the last five weeks on Chris Trenton, NewsRadio WFL a now. Let's check sports from the ninety five three WD A and AM six twenty sportscenter. I'm Aaron Jacobson. It was a fun first day at the master's yesterday. Day where we saw Bryce in Shambo in Brooks cap Kapka shoot six under for the lead. Phil Mickelson the left. He had a good day five under and Tiger Woods shooting a seventy he sits at two under four off the lead going into day to the Ray is looking to make it five straight when they hit on the road to take on the Toronto Blue Jays tonight. First pitch is at seven oh, seven the lightning. Try to get back in the series in game two when they take on the Columbus, blue jackets at Emily arena tonight. They trail the series to the blue jackets one game that nothing. Tonight's Wesley chapel Lexus..

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