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News I'm Alex. Bagman the NTSB has released an initial review of the digital video recorder system recovered from the duck boat that sank last week on table rock. Lake the review from a video recorder on board the duck boat. Revealed the crew, discussed weather reports before the tour began the report posted on the NTSB website says water was called when the duck boat went in around six, fifty five, pm but five minutes later Whitecaps appeared in the winds increased and alarm can be heard as water splashes inside the passenger compartment the inward facing video. Ends thirteen minutes later as the vehicle still on the, surface the agency recovered an SD card and a removable hard drive from the boats digital video recorder system A celebration of life for. Several members of an, Indiana family who, died in that in that capsizing dozens gathered with support for. Survivor Tia Coleman. Following the loss of her spouse three children and five extended family members we are a family and the outpouring of support and concern among her. Friends and colleague says not only overwhelming it's inspiring the former president. Of the Saint, Louis police officers association has agreed to stop wearing the union shirt while he campaigns for passage of a ballot issue that the union opposes the, union told, Gary Weicker to stop wearing a shirt with a union logo while he speaks in favor of prop a the so-called right to work Bill I think. What this is it's a it's an attempt to intimidate, me it's terminate Nellie me but it's a it's a way to intimidate all people who support crop Crap The police associations calling on its members to. Vote no one property saying it would be bad for unions clear to partly, cloudy our forecast overnight with a low around sixty. Five we'll see partly to mostly cloudy skies for the day Saturday with a high around. Eighty one could see a few showers and spots Saturday night thunderstorm possible to with a low sixty. Seven we're back up to seventy eight with a chance of showers and storms on. Sunday I'm Alex This is our, American story and some of our favorite stories of. Americans driven to undertake utterly unreasonable to push themselves because they couldn't bear, to have it any other way. Today, we're talking with team Parnassus.

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