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And real estate donations. News time three ten Richmond wants out of public housing. The decision would mean selling off Richmond six public housing developments. The investment could take up to three years mayor, Tom but said the Richmond housing authority is supported by HUD, and hud's support has been diminishing in recent years. That's the federal government hood is the federal government. He said that the city has had to use its general fund to prop up the housing authority to the tune of seven million dollars. And he says that is unsustainable. Who would take over the program has yet to be determined students at the San Jose. Conservation corps showed off their fix for the homeless crisis. KCBS is my Cogan tells us about the micro home solution does actually where you go ahead and are able to sit down and watch TV or to your right to your left. Right. Here's a countertop. These two hundred thirty five square foot. Homes which cost eighty thousand a Bill are fully contained conservation corps program manager Yok connects Posadas they have all the amenities that you need you can cook. You can has a shower has a bathroom living quarters even have TV and so forth and on top of it. You can move them. Right. 'cause you're on wheels about five to six weeks at most to build one nineteen year old matuyama motto is one of ten conservation corps students who are helping to build these homes that is out here. They would want a home. They will want a roof over a, you know, like they would want somewhere to stay and then stay on the streets late. We wouldn't want people especially young young adults want them. We want them to have a future. We don't want them to be homeless. The initial plan is to Bill five of these tiny homes for homeless students in San Jose. Why Colgan KCBS Sierra of renting a party house? And in Tahoe is coming to an end, a ballot measure has been approved that bans all vacation, home rentals and south lake. Talk who's neighborhoods and the measure was supported by a group of residents who are opposed to the growth of Airbnb and VR B, oh San Francisco police encourage residents to protect their mail this holiday season following the arrest of a suspected package. Thief in Glen park. KCBS is Carrie Hodousek reports she was captured on home security cameras Thirty-three-year-old Antoinette rate us can be seen wearing a black shirt with yellow cursive, writing police, say home surveillance video shows her pushing open a metal exterior gate leading to an enclosed area to take the packages. And then flee the scene chances. Are these suspects are not just stealing one package their crimes of opportunity. And that's exactly what officer Robert Rebecca's says the suspect did he says raiders, stole three packages from two homes. There was a Halloween costume and some other items that were stolen rita's. Pleaded guilty last week and was convicted of second degree robbery as the holidays approach. Police are now advising residents not to leave packages unattended for a long period of time customize your delivery options by holding the items for pick up at the post office instead for most of us, you're going to want to have a signature, you're you're gonna wanna require or or seek different ways to have that package. Be delivered. More securely at San Francisco. Police headquarters Carrie Hodousek KCBI many, south bay pilots are saddened by Santa Clara county's decision to close a small but popular airport in San Jose KCBS has Matt Bigler reports in many neighbors can't wait for fewer planes to be flying overhead..

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