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Brace dana bash show weekday afternoons from one to three on the talk of connecticut w d._r._c. it's lars larson great to be with you right here on the talk of connecticut w d._r._c. w._f._a._n. g. at w. m w We can forge a new beginning. As yours. on the lars larson show which is used service talk radio is what was that you're saying about my voice it's loud it's strong and it's good and i appreciate you support honestly provocative talk very deal with Don't sit yet like this. Here's LARs Larson. welcome back to the lars larson show it's monday glad to have you at me with force honestly provocative talk for the united states glad to get your calls to make this the best conversation talk journalism at eight six lars that's eight six six four three nine five to seven seven emails go to talk and lars larson dot com as much as they might hate to admit it the democrats were against illegal aliens before they were for them so why the flipflop on that and is anybody in the media the major media going to ask them about that saying how is it that you were for enforcing america's immigration laws and now you're against it if you can't give us a sensible answer for the flipflop then what are you doing in public office has public landowners we all have a stake in the future of those lands so what can america do to balance the national and and public needs we'll get to that this hour as well trying to get the left and the right to agree on a subject that is easiest shooting moving tar so is there any way we could get both parties to come together on the subject of trade in a way that would be good for the whole country and take a moment to cast a vote my twitter poll you'll find a brand new question posted every night at lars larson dot.

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