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Had a lot in the state of Wisconsin of late, Rather extraordinary thing happened the Milwaukee Brewers game this afternoon. Some people are saying that the performance by Corbyn Burns was the second greatest pitching performance in rower history. This afternoon, he almost pitched a perfect game. Burns went seven innings, giving up only one hit walk. No one struck out 11 as the Brewers somehow scored. 19 runs invading the Tigers, 19 to nothing. Now, blow outs happen in baseball all the time. When the team is way down. They put in a couple of craft pictures because they don't want to use up their pitching staff. So the Brewers scoring the 19 runs isn't so much the story is carbon burns. Almost pitching. A perfect game is The Brewers have had several one hitters in their team history. Technically, this is not a one hitter because, according to the statisticians, you have to go the full nine innings to be credited with like a one hitter to hit her three hitter and so odd. One of the relievers came in and gave up a second hits of the Brewers, combined for a two hitter. It Burns himself gave up on Lee the one yet And I did not see any of the game. But in the reports that air out there he was. Literally unhittable and Brilliant stuff Corbin has had kind of an enigmatic career was just disastrous last year, but brilliant every year before that, and brilliant again this year is IARA is now under to it. Just phenomenal. This afternoon is the brewery somehow be Detroit 19 to nothing now getting to the story that I was discussing. And I used to kind of plant a seed here. Your take on the whole Novak Djokovic thing, and some people that rules are rules go out, He's not allowed to hit the ball toward them. And I was arguing this somebody last night. He clearly I think broke the rules. I mean, he recklessly hit the ball. Reckless means you're not being careful. It doesn't mean that you're being malicious. It just means that reckless is not the same as deliberate or intentional. Reckless means that You didn't take enough care to stop something from happening that you didn't want to happen. Reckless is generally the term that you would use for an accident. Where you simply were not intending for something bad to occur, But you're reckless about it. But I don't think you throw the best player out of the tournament, and I don't think you'd throw somebody out because a ball girl got hit in the throat when she wasn't paying close enough attention when a guy hit a ball toward her when he wasn't trying to hit her in the head. He's trying to the ball over to work. Nonetheless. There was a dispute before the Election commission a few weeks ago. It is now headed to court. I'm going to try to Tell this story in minimal time because the point is, is that the two of the three Republican commissioners sided with the Democrats and really got this. The filing period to get on the ballot in the state of Wisconsin. Occurs at a specific date for all officers, including candidates for president of the United States. You have to have the papers in by five o'clock on whatever the data is, and you have to physically bring a bit. They have to be brought into the office by a person. Two of the candidates for president of the United States were taken off the ballot won on the grounds that Some of the signatures were invalid and another on the grounds that the papers came in 17 seconds too late. Both of the candidates taken off the ballot are liberal Third party candidates. Now, who would that benefit? That benefits the Democrats and the two candidates take it off the ballot. A liberal third party candidates are liberal Third party candidates who probably would have gotten a decent smattering of oats. For those of you who can recall voting for president In the past. There's usually 5678 3rd or fourth party candidates that are down there like there's a communist on there, so forth and so on. But every now and then There's a third party candidate that might get one half of a percent like the libertarian is generally on their Ralph Nader. Rick had a couple of times. Drawing a lot of votes for the couple of times at parole ran Etcetera. The two candidates were knocked off the ballot in Wisconsin, where the Green Party candidate What's the Green Party? The Green Party? Every election gets A decent smattering of votes. In fact, Hillary Clinton supporters. They're still complaining about the number of people who voted for third party candidates in 2060, and rather than voted for Hillary, and they say that's the reason Trump carried Wisconsin. So the Green Party got knocked off on the grounds that Made enough enough signatures that were proper. I can't comment on the validity of their complaint because I did not dive into it. It's the other one that I'm familiar with. The other candidate whose papers were knocked off, whose candidacy was knocked off the ballot by the election commission was Kanye West. Hey, although with Kanye West is He's this enigmatic, charismatic, maybe half crazy. Wrapper. Who Has suddenly become a Christian. He's also married to Kim Kardashian. He's described himself is bipolar. He's kind of cozied up to President Trump Sort of, he decided that he was going to run for president. The Democrats have been furious about this Now..

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