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He wants to be the next. Roman reigns dan. O'brien so we'll see what happens. We will remember his name In conclusion as you mentioned at the top of this saturday night in las vegas. There's a nice mix of women's matches As of right this moment cricket from wrong there are three scheduled for the card There's of course nikki s. h. against charlotte flair and Ripley there's the the interesting match between eva marie and alexa bliss. And there's also the rematch between bianca and sasha of those three which storyline which build which match intrigued. You the most. Oh i'm excited. They're all three really different different. I think with alexa. And marie think it'll be just being totally transparent. I think it'll be more entertainment lessons. That an incredible job like with this character is like it's really watched her sometimes even mike backstage she kind of dives into this really cool wake. She knows how to transform yourself. It's very admirable. It's very cool. And i think it's funny because like i'm intrigued. I'm a little intrigued to see what we're going to bring to the table at summer slam knowing just how big summer slam is knowing that summer slam is gonna be bigger than wrestlemainia this year especially with having so many fans of attendance. It'll be cool. See what they do with lily and lily will be involved but the match. I mostly board you. I think is sasha versus bianca. I think They have a really cool story. And you look at you. Know going back to wrestlemainia back to you know they. They were the second woman to main event. Wrestlemainia history of wwe. They had such incredible match and it was just like it was really cool because you saw you really saw the magic of sasha basically and i say this as a performer with sasha really as an art elevating every person that she's in the ring..

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