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For some of the Columbia River gorge national scenic area is now burned up in the milepost ninety wildfire. The fire has gotten very close to the small community of wish ram and the large Mary hill winery and concert venue, Craig Luth old owns it and live there in it looked like lava flowing down the hill. It was so dramatic because it was just this rolling wall of flame coming down the hillside. And it literally just looked like the face of of a lava stream and fire managers are concerned lines will be tested by windy conditions for NPR news. I'm Anna king. A federal complaint filed yesterday would end the detention of immigrants inside of federal prison in victorville California from member station k. q. e. d. Julia, small reports, immigration and customs enforcement started detaining people at the federal prison in victorville in June, when the agency ran out of space at the border, but attorney Margot Mendelssohn with the public interest firm. Prison law office says the facilities restrictions. Are severe and violate her clients rights they are shackled at their arms and legs they were belly chains they are locked, into small cells one or two people per cell all of the night and most of the. Day the complaint seeks to force is to remove all detainees from the Victoria prison and could. Affect similar arrangements in Arizona Oregon Texas and Washington state a spokeswoman for ice would not comment on pending litigation for NPR news I'm Julie small transit CNN. Is reporting that. Transportation officials are considering not screening passengers at one hundred fifty small airports across the country to increase efforts at larger airports security experts fear this, would provide, tempting targets for terrorists officials say no decision has been made now the painstaking process, begins to identify servicemembers missing since the Korean war fifty, five boxes arrived in Hawaii from North Korea yesterday In.

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