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Back to America in the morning it's thirteen till life expectancy in the United States is up as bill Michaels reports for the first time in four years the increase is small just a month but marks at least a temporary halt to a downward trend the rises due to lower death rates for cancer and drug overdoses the CDC says the latest calculation is for twenty eighteen and factors in current death trends and other issues on average an infant born that year is expected to live about seventy eight years and eight months for males it's about seventy six years and two months for females eighty one years and one month for decades U. S. life expectancy was on the upswing rising a few months nearly every year but from twenty fourteen to twenty seventeen it fell slightly or held steady that was played largely on surges an overdose deaths and suicides I'm bill Michaels twelve till now ticket prices for this year's Superbowl are bucking recent trends correspondent Clayton Nevil says records could be sent with secondary market tickled ticket sales and crowd size in Miami to some chiefs in forty Niners fans the Superbowl experience is priceless but there is a cost many fans still monitoring online ticket brokers for the best deal Jeff Gordon with the ticket after game time says it's usually this time in the week that prices fall anywhere from ten to thirty five percent but he says no signs of that yet with prices holding steady given that this trend in twenty twenty is talking what happened the past four years there might not be any last minute discounts for this game it's really hard to tell the average Superbowl ticket price on his site over eight thousand dollars the cheapest around fifty four hundred and the most expensive thirty one thousand Bucks according to Gery in the game matchup is likely the reason for the high prices census bureau is generally a lot of pac money you're floating around in a lot of the interesting in the forty Niners and feature ever been the Superbowl in seven years this is a good chance to see them especially in a good location like merry and then also side you have Kansas city who hasn't been inseparable in fifty years back into fanbases hungry NFL commissioner Roger Goodell also high on the match up two storied franchises exciting players on both sides.

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