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Doing what word that it eighth at noon on am 1410 the money facing and now back to body like as conclave and your host body like it's okay the starter this hour aaa car clinic is the number forty two dial miss jan will take a call act i think hannah i think they're both in there i can see him from here they're they're both anxiously awaiting and it'll be interesting to see who answers the phone i would imagine hannah i would be the one for you but but mr sanz right they're not sharing the same seat are you folks no oh you are well you're right there right osce jan asi hannah asi fabrio then jonathan drought around the corner what let her say something uh uh all that's great thank you male aaa car clinic aaa two two seven 25 six you you know that there have been a lot of cars that were damaged by the hurricanes uh erma according to a report by cox automotive people are gonna have to replace up to like four hundred thousand vehicles and that's an analysis arming armor ripthrough florida with the high winds and a storm surge and extensive damage i mean obviously to homes and businesses we are all aware of that but a cox automotive the the parent company of kelley blue book and auto trader estimated that south florida residents loft between one hundred thirty thousand and two hundred thousand vehicles including the entire sunshine state and neighboring states to the north armagh took out approximately two hundred two four hundred thousand vehicles not including new vehicles waiting to be so now by comparison hurricane harvey destroyed three hundred to five hundred thousand vehicles in the houston market and this is based on the cox automotive estimates the damage caused by harvey and armagh is expected to hurt new vehicle sales in the short run and dealers in texas and florida a working with fewer selling days after closing during the storms automation for example the largest card either in the country closed nearly all of its stores in the florida and a spokesperson told fox business that automation planned to reopen no stores in osun i got i share that would you because uh the.

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