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November twenty first edition of the DJB program on the air again for another hour or two or three or four depending on much time you have in which you're interested somebody use the word refreshing yesterday and communication with me to describe what they thought or in this case what he thought was the approach we take for me interviews in conversation what's going on in the world so it was a like like us on Facebook Facebook dot com forward slash the JV show we are the DJ beers Doug Stephan with general line and return a Cuban graduations the carousel and for being chosen she's the lucky one she gets to control the works you know is a piece of the you can order call the work right the most beads Jaber's have something they call the works yet everything they throw everything but the kitchen sink on the pizza do you like that who likes a pizza that I know all right speaking of fans generous a fan of Donald Trump and it seems that it's hard in many hours of programs and not start with something that Donald Trump has done or is involved in somehow or other its the Trapster who makes it to the top of the bill so Jennifer what do you have the top us out of here this morning transatlantic out start with impeachment but that that's probably well enough to always be beet red as use the tribe does this have dropped as that figuring out how to get around him is difficult to his hand delivered well yesterday we had day four of the public hearing into the impeachment inquiry it in cat on Capitol Hill the house intelligence committee leading that and that there were three witnesses but their money what might as well only been one because we got the most attention was ambassador to the European Union Gordon someone's not just for some contacts Gordon someone was there and talked about it yesterday and admitted donor to president trump's campaign I don't he says that's not the reason he became ambassador to the European Union because this was his life's work but he has a a rich guy ran a hotel empire and two became ambassador he gave his story about what her judging the rent I know your member it was like it was enough all him to give a million dollars to trump so he's yeah yeah so something important it was it take a small it he calls it like a small hotel chain but obviously it's doing well for him but I'm not sure which one it is we can look it up Carol beyond it she's our fact checker today at zero evidence hotels but I haven't heard of them so I'm not sure if I'm not what if they're in Europe author here what do you think that might just be the name of the company that owns and we don't know what the brand is Tombo debt I believe that a light on it yeah that's right download at rand motel six I'm Tom bowed and I'll leave the last all right I'll leave from front porch light on this okay so without my political had on for a second Gordon someone's testimony I found to be a bit problematic for Democrats and Republicans this guy gave a at all over the place testimony where he stepped on himself a Brazilian times he would say there's quid pro quo and then he would come back around and say well no that's not what I mean not quid pro quo but he said quid pro quo in his opening statement and the media ran with it and this is where the political hot goes back on and all the headlines were Gordon someone says that there was a quid pro quo in that trumpet everyone around him knew about it well then you have the Republicans come back around and tested and ask him questions for his testimony Mike Turner is the representative from Ohio and he said did Donald Trump ask you direct you to to ought to tell you crane that there was no there would be no military aid without their investigation into Joe Biden he says no and he said did anybody on the planet tell you that there would be no military aid without an investigation into Joe Biden and Gordon someone said no so then Mike Turner did this thing where he said well right now because of your testimony in your opening statement every news network CNN the drudge report has also said that the president was linked to the withholding military aid is that true Gordon someone says no and immediately it was so funny I was actually my car when I listen to that testimony and I've seen the headline on CNN before I started my journey soon as I got to my office I looked at CNN and they had changed their headline so Gordon someone had a lot of I don't know there is a lot of holes to be poked into his testimony and I think he created some headlines that were helpful to the Democrats in the morning and then helpful to Republicans in the afternoon I don't know how great of a witness he was truly because I listen to all of his testimony I heard him stepping on himself like that throughout the day so what about having men what he had to the conversation Veneman was on Monday or the other which is for Tuesday no no he just had gore it we guessed it was corn someone by himself in the morning and then a there was to it to other people from the state department in the afternoon and literally it was after Sunland because it was just so exit like just explosive and back and forth and they were so much they actually didn't even do the extended questioning for the other two in the afternoon they they got rid of the lawyers so Steve caster for the Republicans to Daniel Coleman for the Democrats did it have any questioning I think they wanted to wrap things up before it went to lungs they want people to watch the debates and that's what's really funny about all this is that they're also Democrat debates last night and I talked to my mom who's when I need to know I said I don't have a chance to watch the debate it's on my DVR who one what did you think because I trust she's gonna tell me her honest opinion she goes on to say I was so burnt out from the day that she's like I couldn't even consume much is like Kamel Harris did really well Joe Biden was okay as mayor Pete took a few heads told the Gabbard was a jerk you know all the that was kind of her review and she watched the whole thing but she said I was so done after watching all that trick testimony was hard for me to actually focus in on it what was being said at the debate so I think the idea was that they were trying to get the testimony rap so people could watch the debates but I'm curious to know from my friends who are Democrats if it was just overload for most people and they couldn't really get into the debate because of everything else that's been going on one of the things that I saw about the debate team to intrigue people was that all of the the moderators all the questioners were women right is that something is what I design bodies and because why would they apply design because not all women are yeah the questions were certainly not all focused on women's issues though so it was just maybe to give other women a chance to be moderators when it's usually mostly men men here I'm guessing it I don't know if we want to see an end to tell us what happened they said that the winners and this is in their order and we close our engine Welling Kamel harass people to judge the losers they say are the debate because they didn't like them and Joe Biden healthcare thinking forested very essences does your wife yeah that doesn't mean it's good well I have been able to watch the debate so we kind of you know somebody to think so I looked at the stand out moment for me what and Doug you'll appreciate this I guess maybe I don't know but the stand out moment for me I watched in the middle we watch the Messinger and then we switched over and I was like oh gonna forget about the debate and I couldn't watch for the answers to tired so I experience a bit of the burn out Jan implement that the only thing to me that came that really jumped out that was important is once again one candidate on entire stage mention the farmers and its mayor Pete and he's he's surging in the polls in Iowa he's from Indiana I think that he actually has I genuinely believe that he has a handle on the issues that are affecting farmers and no one else because without that right I know he was asked about the trade war and and I have a few quotes here that he that he said that I thought were really important and he said we shouldn't have to pay you the farmers to take the edge off of a trade war that should have started in the first place I agree with that he said that subsidies are not making farmers hole and he said he pointed in particular to those who plant soybeans and those who deal in ethanol and he said many rural rural Americans are worried that things are not going to turn around and did that it's almost as on it we're at the point where it's too late soybeans in ethanol aren't being the people who are growing Serbians and ethanol all right being reimbursed if that's the right word or they are being there that is not enough help running back on their cars anyway yeah and most of the aid the checks that have gone out have gone mostly to southeastern farmers that put that in quotation marks because half of the money as it's been tracked by several of the farm groups has gone to people who haven't got a farm down on a farm they in last sources yeah and then on the golf courses they yeah Park Avenue in New York and it's out it's just this damnable as the people here Sonny Perdue is the executor comes from Atlanta saw his house in Georgia and Florida and the southeastern states are getting the huge the biggest chunk and it's so obvious what's going on yet nobody's doing anything about it and he learned not focused on agriculture now and the family farm it's now it is V. where where he he also said something that you've been saying dog he said that monopolies and consolidation or killing farmers yeah he said there are a few places that sell supplies and fewer places to for them to buy their crops I think I think that it's pretty obvious that he has been yeah and I was very obvious that he's actually been trying to reel farmers at a yeah I think he'd make a good vice president he's too young to be president but he would make a fairly decent job of vice president Frank absent as a Bloomberg invited judge before together would be a good thing at one of his eyes are talking about what's going on Washington I want to mention something that has troubled me throughout this administration but is troubled me before as well it was a radio rover Jennifer you've been to one or more radio rose I think since trump and president right is it one I didn't want it to the one at the White House that was that's what I mean for that already I'm sorry I meant yeah I'm at the White House radio rose so there's one this week and featured some radio stations that have been favorable and covering trump that I've never been to see that's a little different because that they just took our company and they put us on the lawn of the White House either that's not all is there really a real experience which I think would be really cool action well it would be if all of us it would be if there if it was done fairly and I said this once before I've been to the four of them over the course of my broadcasting history I don't like the fact that this is a the house belongs to all of us it isn't the Republicans that on it it is the Democrats they're people who are there from a four one bit of time but the whole thing that we don't get invited in a universal sense really bothers me it takes me off frankly I go to a I I would be to going to take you guys with me if there was some at least if it was fair if they opened it up so that everybody can come and they have the same access to these people whether it's members of Congress are weather's vice president pants are whether the press whoever it is it's just not right and it's a it's getting under my skin yeah I don't know well you know it's interesting because I don't know that eight I mean I've never been personally invited like as our show so I I don't know exactly what the process is but I do know that the process political well it always has been I mean think about the places that you've been about that are out there is this rations to return as you know I think everybody should be invited at some point or another yeah it really is it bugs the heck out of anybody worthwhile anyway right okay so there is the Washington report here on the JV program now it's time for me to report on the status of your body how is well actually you need to report to me are you need to think to yourself does this make sense to you do you have aches from toe to.

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