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And i think it because trump is pro business and there's nothing wrong with inco business know i i don't want coley it him but i want america to eat for america's business american competitiveness and that's what trump is or so i think we can get uh you know that we're just seeing the beginning of something really daycare and people i'd asked me the stock market out i don't think so oh i actually think this market a long way to go uh if we get back and a growth at i'm talking about you yoshida doubt 25000 out thirty thousand by the end of his first term no that's fantastic and and the other thing that's a little tougher to explain or to put a you know generally say this is out there is going to benefit you the average american but when i see that trump uh when they call a significant regulation that is one that has more than one hundred million dollars impact the days introduced i think eight of them there there is one of the smallest numbers of new significant regulations even since bush and reagan and and that that when people say well house that affect me and i said well if you're boss doesn't have to comply with a new roof malaysian that really dozen to help people that much but he ends up with more money to be able to hire more employees he's going to hire more employees to expand his business instead of paying for crazy regulations that the government loves to roll out tyga fact that's going on right now is the regulatory relief that it's not it's basically you know toy pump came in as my buddy let larry kudlow likes to say the war on business in washington was over and uh a little leaf sit there giving to businesses a it is it's.

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