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North and south korean athletes answered two huge roar last night the athletes sense said goodbye to each other marking the end of the games in pyongyang chang the ioc president telling the crowd you have shown how sport brings people together in are very fragile world we spoke early this morning with correspondent bill zimper and he said it could be an interesting week post olympic sack of the real world and that means dealing with north korea and there was somewhat of a breakthrough near the end of the game and north korean officials met with south korea's delegation before the closing ceremonies and north korea passed along that they would be interested in talking to the united states uh so what happens now is up to the two sides with it seemed south korea as an intermediary the united states has continued to say all along that they will not hold any talks with north korea unless uh they are willing to give up their nuclear and missile program that has been a nonstarter for north korea to this point south korea has gone so far as to say that the united states may have to lower their threshold for preconditions a bit uh we're waiting for further developments on this but certainly uh may be a little uh peak of sunshine in this situation but north korea has been sending out mixed messages while they told south korea they might be willing to talk on friday their state run newspaper released in editorial saying that their nuclear programme was in place and they are prepared for a nuclear strike on the united states if need be of course the us also released some new sanctions against north korea they are calling that an act of war so mixed signals from north korea but we do have that little ray of hope you'll zimper reporting about the goingson on to the olympics chang abc news time six forty one time for us to head to the ticket com sports studio and say good morning once again adam kaufman warning sir good morning how are you i well thank you when you can't complain good very good huge trade for the bruins yesterday they acquired forward rick nash from the rangers in exchange for two thousand eighteen first round pick ryan spooner matt bolewski defensive prospect ryan lindgren and a two thousand nineteen seventh rounder nash said to be.

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