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What can you tell us about the catcher who I believe is a future Hall of Famer just like Buster Posey. Absolutely. I think when you think of catch is still in the game, you think Johnny and win anything But supposing you think Hall of Famers? Um, you know, it's It's no secret that yacht. He wants to come back to ST Louis. He made that clear and multiple reports and the Cardinals are looking to bring him back for one more year. It certainly makes sense. I mean, they have their cash of the future of on Herrera coming up, but he probably won't be ready for 2022. And because there isn't a good job filling in when needed. Um, and I honestly think because there is good enough start in most other organizations, So I think what the cardinals are looking for is to bring Jati back for one year to continue the mentorship and the leadership and all the things that he does. You cannot measure on baseball reference or a stop sign or something like that. And, you know, hopefully that's enough because they really are looking at 2022 as that year of contention was supposed to be 2021, of course, and you know there's still a chance, but 2022 is when they're looking to make their full push. It's when they're windows opening its when their top prospects will be ready. And I think that when you're making the push, and you're aiming for a World Series run You need Yadier Molina at the helm of that, and it certainly makes sense to bring him back for one more year. He's just turned 39. He's played a lot this year. We're seeing him get a couple more days off per week. Now that we're kind of in the dog day stretch of the summer. But I think it's a no brainer for both sides of the body wants to come back and the Cardinals want to bring him back. You know, it should be relatively easy to get a one year deals. Honest. Soon talking with Katie wou he or she covers the ST Louis Cardinals for the athletic as Marty likes to say, the Cardinals have become a story and it's great to have Katie on. It's always nice to have her perspective. And Katie, you covered the San Diego Padres A few years ago. You were there when AJ Preller was kind of loading up to make 2021 a big year and Potentially beyond have some big years with all the additions that he's made that guys are under team control into the future, and the Padres were fading. The Cardinals are rising the Reds very much in the thick of this n l wildcard race. How much is your perspective on this race change over the last month or so with regard to how the Cardinals can challenge for a postseason spot. You know, They definitely are optimistic. And I think they're clicking off the right time. I mean, when you get Jack flirty back, the Cardinals were completely different Team without Jack flirty. We saw it. They looked pretty good in April. And May I Jack went out to eight or eight and one have tied the most wins in the majors of the picture. They lost him and they want okay, Olsen. So they get they finally got him back. He looks great in his to start back. They get miles back, and I was joking with Mike Schultz the other day, you know? Coming up on this next road trip, You're going to have your projected three starters and Jack Miles and Adam Wainwright pitching a series for the first time all season. And he he did one of his last where he was like, Yeah, it's funny, but it's not because it's really frustrating. Uh, but that's a huge boost to a club when you have the guys that you've been missing all year, come back. Kuantan. Kim looks to be coming off the I'll sue along with way the blogs that would essentially give them seven starters carry. There was a time in this year where they barely had three so that kind of stuff can be a huge boost in the arm. And then you look at their schedule. I mean, they've taken pretty good advantage of their August schedule so far when they played a stretch of nearly 20 game. With opponents under 500. They still have Two more games against the Pirates. They have two more against the Tigers and the four game set in Pittsburgh. And then it's crunch time starting July. 30th there next 23 games comes against opponents that have direct implications. Neither the wild card or the division. I mean, they have the Dodgers in town for four. They have the potters in town for three. That will be a huge series. They go to Cincinnati one more time in the Reds come to ST Louis one more time as well. So There's plenty of opportunity, and I do think yes, yes, The Phillies are coming up right behind them. But the NL East with those three teams in the Phillies, the Braves and, uh oh. Which one of my missing that's there? Yeah, because.

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