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Russian court has denied an appeal for the release of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan gerskovic, who is facing espionage charges. And The Wall Street Journal have vehemently denied the allegations. Speaking to reporters outside court ambassador Lynn Tracy said gerskovic was in good health and remained strong despite his circumstances. The charges against Evan are baseless and we call on the Russian Federation to immediately release him. We also call for the immediate release of Paul Whelan. Ambassador Tracy says the U.S. has designated gerst vich as wrongfully detained. The family of a black 16 year old who was shot after he went to the wrong door to pick up his younger siblings in Kansas City, Missouri, is finally speaking on the ordeal. Ralph jarl's family says he went to the wrong address Thursday night to pick up his brothers, and after he rang the doorbell, he was shot once in the head and shot again after he fell to the ground. The teen has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home. The man who allegedly shot him 84 year old Andrew luster has now been charged. Gerald's mother, Cleo nagbe. Office doing considerably well. Physically, mornings are hard. But his spirits are in a good place. I borrow from his spirits. He is in very good hands. Leo Davis spoke about her son on CBS mornings. Today, the Supreme Court is hearing a case that could define how employers take their employees religious practices into consideration. A former polls to worker and evangelical Christian Gerald Groff is bringing his case to the high court after he says he was forced to work on Sundays when his post office teamed up with Amazon to do Sunday deliveries. Live from the Bloomberg interactive broker studios, this is global news 24 hours a day. Powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in over 120 countries, a Michael Barr, this is Bloomberg temple. Thanks. Michael, I want to talk about this in the observation is the joy that we saw with Gerrit Cole, complete game the other night. Yes. I had so much fun last night watching a number of pictures of a guy named de Grom. Who left he went Texas on us, and he was just like shockingly on fire. Pitch to pitch. And then his wrist hurt, and of course they took him out. I mean, the complete game is a completely rare beast now, isn't it? Oh, that's sandy fat cofax, rising up, then talking about what's going on, man. Yeah, you don't see that a complete game like that, just finishing the whole thing. I mean, nothing about an old theater or anything like that just to go 9 innings. It's only been two this year. It was the second of the year. And the entire MLB. They just don't do it anymore. It was like on fire. The immense skill of the individual and then he knows his wrist hurts and that's just the way it is now. These are so valuable that they don't want to Christy Matheson blew up his career a million years ago and covax tooth. They were worn out. Well, not only colfax, not only went 9 innings, there was a time where he went extra innings from the 9 inch. And now we have no hits. No here's my four pictures By committee. Well, they're playing against the Detroit tigers. Winning streak, you know. Oh, I missed that. Yes, we are. Now it rained out the last two days. As well, we're on 4200 watts with the SPX 41 94. Future's up 17. Some of this off of bank revenue enthusiasm, but there's other things going on like a snappy China GDP number features up 32 the vix under 17. This is Bloomberg. Adopt U.S.

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