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As the Democratic challenger takes a narrow lead in two states. President Trump won in 2016. Including Georgia boxes, Evan Brown has more live. At least there are about 5500 votes left in Georgia to count today, and after millions of ballots cast, there will be only a difference of thousands. With a margin that small there will be a recount in Georgia. George's secretary of state brand Wrath. Hansberger. More votes, however, could be coming. There are 8890 military balance outstanding that will be counted if they were returned by the close of business today, And while it is enough to change totals, counties and Georgia are getting ready for recounting. Lisa. Thank thank seven while the president and his lawyers are not giving up. Fox's John Decker is live in Washington in the wake of filing lawsuits in Nevada, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania, the Trump campaign in a statement saying this action is not over once the election is final, the statement said President Trump will be reelected. The Trump campaign is trying to find evidence to back up the president's claims of massive fraud. And has begun a call centre at its campaign headquarters to field calls about potential voter fraud. Joe Biden is currently leading the president in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Georgia. Lisa Thanks, John in the Fox News projected count of Biden remains at 264 electoral votes, six shy of what's needed with five states left to call. Biden is leading in three of those Theo US military will help a Texas city dealing with a surgeon. Covert cases. Governor Greg Abbott, just announcing three medical supply teams from the Air Force will support three hospitals in El Paso America is listening to Fox News brought to you by the Yuval e law firm. McKay l i f soda Weight Loss News Desk. This is real music information. 5 70 K l I I'm Dave Williams News, a Dallas college police officer were shot Thursday night in downtown Dallas. According to Warren Mitchell with the Dallas police. The officer was investigating a vehicle disturbance involving the shooter near the El Centro campus. When the two exchanged gunfire. Both the officer and the suspect were hit taken to local hospitals. The officer's injuries are nonlife threatening. He's listed in stable condition. The unidentified suspect was listed in critical condition. Battles. Police are looking for leads in the case of a woman who went missing while visiting Dallas from Seattle, according to police, Maricela Botello flew to Dallas last month to visit her ex boyfriend pretending, Erich Roman said police would like to speak with that man. Charles Beltran. Mr Bo Throne's name came up during our investigation. He is not a.

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