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Blackhawks finally took off their losing ways Wednesday night. I looked to keep a winning way going as they host the Winnipeg Jets attain. The came to be able to store at previous loss to the jets. Hawks of surrender early leads along with twelve total goal all of that has to change here tonight. John Wiedeman along with Troy Murray. Chris Bolton glad you could join us here at the United Center. The Blackhawks taking on the Winnipeg Jets and Troy whenever it came ends a losing streak, and they ended this decidedly. I think the Blackhawks did a six to three victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins. There's always hope that the team is going to get to the next game. And there would be continued prosperity. But that has got to be followed up by supportive of wanting to just because they won one game doesn't mean that you need. You know? Could expect they're just gonna come on the next game. Did did some good things. You have been doing some good things. But you got to continue that trend here us, the beliefs that you could do it. If you come with the right attitude in the right workout, the sixty minutes. Good things can happen. You gotta have that today. Let's get to the injury report. Sponsored by Blue Cross Blue shield of Illinois the car to carry through at all. And we got some good news friend in Davidson who is out with a knee surgery and rehab. He skated in the morning skate this morning and has skated now for a couple of practices as well. Artem Anisimov who's been out of the lineup with concussion symptoms skated in the morning state as well as did Gustav forsling been bothered by shoulder injury. Eric. Is in the lineup tonight for the hawk. Let's get to tonight's keys being fostered by Bud Light rays one for hockey got those. Thanks, john. The first key is keeping a close. Gotta to get off to a good start last game. They fell behind. They would've picked you four nothing through the beginning of the secretary of can't have that happen again tonight. Stay out of the box gets at the best power play in the NHL three power play goals against the hawks last game. Thirteen is shutting down the top wire. Winnipeg Jets safely. Healers should also mention something you and I saw this. You saw at first the lineup card delivered to us before the game features the line of for the jets. Anyway, the starting lineup of Hannam Lowery, Sunday, centering Brandon. Matthew, Perot, and Lowry, of course, just worn out Jonathan taste in the previous games. You look on the Blackhawks. I teams his line is not starting. So an effort by head coach Jeremy Carlton to get away from lowered. We're going to send it down the ice level in just a moment. Has tonight's presentation of national anthems is provided sponsored by. Kogyo patrolman's Federal Credit Union serving the financial needs a police officers and their families for over eighty years. And for that we go down to ice level or may join Jim Corneille standing on the red carpet along with some special guests. Enjoy the anthem SOX fans..

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