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Warren peace report, I'm Amy Goodman, one week after Trump's former personal lawyer and fix or Michael Cohen delivered an explosive congressional testimony. The New York Times is reporting New York. State regulators are investigating insurance claims and policies of Trump's businesses. And if subpoenaed the Trump organization insurance broker Aon Michael Cohen told lawmakers last week, the Trump organization regularly inflated, the value of its assets for insurance purposes. The news comes one day after the House Judiciary committee requested documents from eighty one people and groups and Trump's inner circle in Sacramento, California. Protesters continued to take to the streets following the news Saturday that the county's district attorney would not file criminal charges against the two. Police officers who shot and killed twenty two year old unarmed African American Stefan Clark and his grandmother's backyard last year on Monday. Tonight. Police arrested eighty four protesters including local religious leaders Tanya face on founder of the local black lives. Matter chapter said there was heavy police presence prior to the crackdown which she attributed to the demonstration taking place in a wealthy neighborhood. Demonstrators are now occupying a local police station and action coal by black lives matter Sacramento after California attorney general have your best announced his office will not file charges. The Justice department along with the US attorney's office and the FBI said Tuesday, it was launching its own investigation into the killing in Chicago. Police officer filed a whistle blower lawsuit. Monday, alleging he was directed to falsify a report on the two thousand seventeen police shooting of unarmed African American teenager Ricardo Hayes sergeant Isaac Lambert who investigated the shooting says he was told by superiors to portray the police officers victim and Hayes as an aggressor. He was demoted from his position after. Refusing to alter his report at the time of the two thousand seventeen police shooting officer Khalil Muhammad claimed he shot Ricardo Hayes who court documents say has profound intellectual and developmental disabilities. After an escalated encounter, where Hayes appeared to be pulling out a gun, but footage of the events that was later released instead showed officer Muhammad chasing after the teen in his car before shooting directly at him. House. Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Tuesday, a resolution condemning antisemitism will now also condemn anti-muslim bias the resolution is seen as a direct. Rebuke of recent comments by Minnesota, congressman Ilhan, Omar questioning the US relationship with Israel, even though the draft resolution does not explicitly name the freshman, congress member the resolution was announced after comments by Omar at an event last week in which she called out the quote political influence in this country. That says it's okay for people to push for a. Chance to a foreign country. Referring to Israel, Omar has repeatedly condemned antisemitism. Prior to Pelosi statement, New York congressman Alexandra Cossio Cortes, posted a flurry of tweets Monday and Tuesday, accusing Omar's critics of using a double standard Alexandra Cosso Cortez tweeted quote incidents, like these do beg the question where are the resolutions against homophobic statements for anti blackness for xenophobia for a member saying he'll send Obama home to Kenya. In eastern, Alabama. Search and rescue teams have recovered and identified Twenty-three bodies following Sunday's devastating tornado the nation's deadliest in six years. The hundred seventy mile an hour tornado ripped through homes in Lee county, claiming lives from six to ninety three years old as of Tuesday up to eight people were still reported missing. This is Cathy Carson of local emergency management agency. This is the worst natural disaster that has ever occurred in Lee county. We have never most of us cannot remember anything ever creating this much.

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