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Yeah, I thought last game tard didn't look itself. He's normally a guy his full of energy. Tremendous upside shot Blocker takes a three year to a game one or two. A game of those three point shots runs the floor. Well, didn't see any of that last game. He rebounded Well, though, back to back turnovers for this line up against two lane zone defense. The green wave with the ball leading 12 8. Thailand. Pope driving to the rim he gets tied up by rob Banks. And on the jump ball indication Cincinnati will get it My man rob banks, the reason I love rob banks and one he thinks he is just as good and deserving to be on the floor is any of the scholarship players. Secondly very long arms for his size and very strong and big hands to lane stays with 1 to 2. Full court trap banks in the backcourt had it stripped Here's Walker and was driving to the bucket chutes over banks missed the shot rebounded by to Julius, who pushes the pace the other way. Long pass to a wide open. Madsen three point shot clangs off the front rim. He gets his own rebound drives toward the who bounces it into the paint. Atari Eason kicks it out to to Julius, who's three point shot is too strong and the rebound is chased down by Jordan Walker, the smallest player on the floor. That's the kind of action Americans got a half make it frenetic. Had two open threes missed him and two lane has the ball with a 12 8 lead We played about 5.5 minutes, Thailand Popa step outside the three point line banks on him defensively to the wing and Walker. Ounces it to Watson, Gabe Watson, driving into the lane stops on the low block pass his top of the key for pope hands it backward for Walker Walker with a step back to point jump shot, too strong rebound battled for and the battle is won by the Julius. Dribbles past center Court for Cincinnati passes for Michael Adams Woods, who gives it back now it's Madsen right back to the Julius Jab Step, lobs it over to Matt's Michael. Mason Madsen, now with the left elbow. It is Eason. They pass around to Mike Adams. Woods shot clock winding down to nine banks right back to Mike Adams Woods at the right point shot clock at five. Eastern sets a pick. Here's Mads and going by his defender. Baseline. Jump shot. No good. Tipped up by Eastern. No good. And the rebound is controlled by two lane. I like that pull up jump shot on the baseline by mats and didn't go too far. 12 82 Lane, leading by 4 13 16 left in the first half pope at the free throw line outside the arc for Watson. Gabe Watson, using a screen to dribble inside the three point line. Tough to point Jump shot clangs out the back. I'll I've been robbed. Banks gets called for the foul trying toe box out Thailand Pope. If that's what you call by, sing out it like he was hugging them like you haven't seen him in 12 years. He just came from overseas. He was hugging him around the way so he couldn't jump and he'll come out of the game. For that so to turn of the turnover on the play, where he lost the ball, then now that file which gives them the opportunity. Pete Williams back in Jeremiah Davenport back in Forbes, playing with two fouls, driving right to the rim, his finger roll is good, and the help defense by Tory was not existent. He's going for the shot clock instead of coming to make a presence felt first. Cincinnati has gone about 2.5 minutes without scoring. The bear Cats have fallen behind by 6 14 8 12 45 left in the first half. Cincinnati passing into the corner. And the shot has put up and in the bear cat score and pull within four. It is 14 10. Having a little trouble with our feed to pass along who scored that last Cincinnati bucket. It appears to be Keith Williams. And now two lane turns it over. Cattle and have these stretches where they'll go without. And we've seen this over the years with all Cincinnati teams, and it's not just a Cincinnati team. It's all in college basketball. But since 90 has the ability to get points back quickly because they press all the time they shoot quick threes, and they like to attack the basket, which gives them opportunities. The last Cincinnati Bearcat basket was scored by Jeremiah Davenport, not Keith Williams, Cincinnati trailing 14 to 10. Cats have it in the front court. 12 06 left in the first half Davenport with a three from the right corner, and he hits. It.

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