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To the beltway jam College Park greenbelt near Greenville station debris spill is still blocking two left lanes outer loop rubbernecking back on the interlude a new crash reported near route fifty exit nineteen along the right side a lot of traffic is held back though at that spill on the inner loop in greenbelt so toward the crash just a sudden slowdown northbound Baltimore Washington parkway before thirty two is crash along left side also had a listener find one south bound near thirty two along the left side southbound route one remaining closed in laurel water main break all southbound traffic on one has to hang a right on to main street ninety five stick with that only brief delays between laurel and Baltimore route twenty nine north bound to route forty Howard County fire rescue went for a crash there delays are likely to seventy north bound volume delays are likely but no mishaps between Rockville in Clarksburg we're traffic is heaviest route fifty westbound still try to recover on Kent island but it's gotten better be on Stevensville pace improving once you get across the bridge where the works on did clear on time as promised Waldorf Brandywine northbound on three oh one five the traffic jam extends to a point beyond Brandywine crossing a crash reported no specifics on the tip line in the district I. two ninety five south bound the biggest chunks of debris swept up cleaned up south bowling toward the beltway the pace is still slow north down to ninety five is heavy from the eleventh street bridge in the northeast Washington Virginia sixty six west bound look for delays anywhere between the beltway and Manassas westbound before one twenty three a crash reported on the left side north bound twenty eight your sterling Boulevard the work zone remains late to clear backing up traffic from the toll road and sterling Boulevard they're still blocking the left travel lane Dave told on WTOP traffic mostly to partly sunny today with high temperatures in the low to mid fifties will have lows tonight in the thirties and highs tomorrow around.

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