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Doug, Jones, federal workers and community activists in federal plaza today demanding the shutdown to end and that they go back to work. The group says they plan to March every Thursday until it does end federal workers rallying in Washington today demanding an end to this shutdown now in its nineteenth day, the AFL CIO organize the event Daniel who did not feel comfortable getting his giving his full name is a forty year old furloughed worker at the Federal Communications Commission been shut out of my job. And we we have not been allowed to do anything. I I wanna work. I wanna go back to work. But but right now, we can't even go in the building. The mother of a former northwestern basketball player that committed suicide in two thousand seventeen is filed suit against alpha Kappa alpha sorority saying hazing attributed to her daughter's death WGN's Kim, Gordon reports the university has now issued a statement regarding that suit university says they remain deeply saddened over the death of Jordan hankins and send condolences to her family and France, the statement also says northwestern is not named in the suit in the sorority involved has been suspended the hankins family believes the hazing caused severe anxiety and depression, which lead to Jordan staff. Kim Gordon WGN news word from the King County health department is if you haven't received a flu shot get one this after a three year old girl died of influenza, December twenty first it is the first confirmed flu related death in who annoyed this season. There is a widespread presence of the flu virus in roughly half of the country. And governor Rauner is talking about his future plans after leaving office. He says his first priority. Spending time with friends and family, then I would get back into private life. I will go to what I very passionate about. And that is building businesses backing entrepreneurs I've done that for more than thirty years building companies starting companies using technology to build businesses. I've been very blessed and very successful at bat. And I want to go back and do that. Some more rounder says he also wants to continue his philanthropy efforts, especially in education, women's health issues and the environment as for any government or political plans. The governor says that's to be determined. We'll check your money sports, traffic and weather next on WGN asked Troy Murray.

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