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And what we're now. We'll get us there. Biden administration continuing to hammer away at oil and gas. I mean the owners of the keystone pipeline finally threw in the towel. Said we're done but some good news this as you had a federal judge blocking biden's ban on leases for drilling on public lands because my understanding as well you know i mean they're kind of There's no line of demarcation there is but there's no Ready line of demarcation when you look at Drilling and the federal lands. They bump up next to one another and that was a cause for some concern for many as it should be because ultimately at that mineral rights is is. That's a property that is a property right and of course while the federal administration wants to whittle away at those property rights. They're still what a nation was founded on was with the intellectual and real property rights. And you can't you simply cannot take that away from an owner freedom underseas. These days has well. Well johnny commissioner scott james a pleasure as always thanks so much yourself a great dane stay cool. I will take good care. Eight seventeen now thirteen ten. Kfi thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail this time check sponsored by candlelight. Dinner playhouse in johnstown. Get away from it all. Give yourself a break to get in and see shrek. The musical taking center stage through august. Twenty second tell you what just jump online for tickets and show information at colorado candlelight dot com get like dinner playhouse broadway in your backyard. A party northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten k of k the block party wednesdays from four to ten pm. Local programming continues white after mornings galen no co now the power trip and i'll show we are northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi eight thirty eight on your thursday morning. Thirteen ten k. F k a thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios columbine health systems. Yeah it does matter that they care and indeed they do but so hard hit So many other businesses and industries were as a result of the pandemic came on. It's like a steam roller from seemingly out of nowhere but a long time sponsor columbine health up thirteen ten. Kfi a so happy to welcome them in as a new sponsor of mornings with gale joined this morning by von meyer's health systems director columbine health systems yvonne. Welcome thank you good morning. Certainly appreciate your taking the time and yeah it was so tough on so many of us but particularly for those as you are at columbine health systems engaged in the assisted living senior community industry. How did you cope with this. As it came on so quickly and sadly offer some took such a toll why. That's a really good question. I think you just take every day at a time and Know that the work that you're doing today we'll make it better tomorrow. And i think that columbine did an excellent job of partnering we've partnered with weld county health department larimer county colorado department of public health and environment at one point. We had great Supporting contacts from the cdc because since we were one of the first one to have a positive cove and even in the state Nobody knew what to do right. Nobody really knew how to treat the disease. How to what. The infection protocols might be and so You know being i. It's scary but it's also can be helpful because we have such great partners and so You know as we learned to manage the disease and manage the infection protocols on what's the best thing to do It just got you know interesting in the beginning when you don't have enough. Pp not sure where you're going to get it but all of that better now rain. We can get the supplies. We need and infection protocols work now everyone knows right a year later. It's a whole lot different story but yeah at the time it was one day at a time and don't look back only look forward and obviously learned a lot because unfortunately pandemics being what they are sadly. This probably won't be the last one. But i think it's amazing you've been so transparent and open throughout the process and it's so important because this hit the senior community on so many levels Throughout the last thirteen to fifteen months being part of that equation as assisted living facilities were forced to well closed their doors. And you had loved ones communicating with their loved ones through panes of glass. I know right and and panes of glass with people who have macular degeneration glaucoma and You know maybe a hearing loss. And so they can't hear or see through the windows right at so and and if i have some you know dementia. I don't understand why you're talking to me through panes of glass right and so there was a lot of factors. Yeah between our nursing homes assisted livings. Yeah families were troopers right they. They really were patient with us and followed all the guys and out more. We've been able to open more. Have more visitation. You know right now. back then right through the window and you can't come in and now you're fully vaccinated. You can come in and Prove that you've been fully vaccinated and you can spend time with your mom and it's truly been a game changer. For our residents and our families to be able to hug each other and be with each other because this is actually day four hundred and fifty five cents the started and to imagine when it started that you'd have more than a year of really not being with your loved one. The way you want to is really hard. And we're seeing a lot of people moving their loved ones who live out of state closer to them here because we don't know what the fall will bring you know. We hope all the vaccinations and all the work well Not bring back. Cove it but it may be a seasonal situation that we need to deal with every winter and fall and so we just have to have our protocols and our processes and our vaccination. That's the key for sure to manage that but yeah the loneliness. Our staff needed to step up and play the family. And you know we're not as good at it. If families are families are better so probably just as good at it. But it's just not the same present you think that that's really nice but you're exactly right. It's not the same rate and and the daughter knows the stories of in the past and all of that so We're glad to have our families back were glad to You know be able to be more open with some rules. Some protocols for safety of course and But yeah it was a it seems like it was decades ago. I think kovic time it's scher made time funny as not. Oh my goodness it's like it went by some slowly but so quickly. It's like the loss to year but along those lines talking about whatever and again this is a covid nineteen buzz phrase but it is the new normal but was talking about how you've been able to loosen restrictions and guidelines. Where do you stand at.

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